The Four Contemporary Approaches to Management Essay

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The Four Contemporary Approaches to Management

Hello everyone and the point of this of this paper are to let the audience know the meaning of Contemporary approaches to management and to state which approach is important. The Four Contemporary approach includes quantitative manages behavior with organizational, theories, and sociotechnical theories. According to the chapter 2 in management I believe Snell and Bateman suggest “sociotechnical system theory have the right tools training and knowledge to make products and services that are valued by customers. “ I do believe these are great approaches, I believe the organizational behavior had to deal with employee’s behavior within the companies. It was also stated that it promoted employee effectiveness through a group and organizational processes. If I had to choose to pick to see which one is the is most important approach to management, will be Systems Theory, even though all the approaches play a perfect role and they are important, but I just think system theory is important.

System theory is important because its states that organizations change its inputs into outputs, also allowing it to emphasize on how the organization is a subsystem or other systems and subsystems. Like the company I work for is cause Neuro Restorative I believe it system theory is based on that Neuro Restorative> departments>employees, it focus on the relationship between the consumer and organizations, that’s why I think this is the most important approach I believe without any customers being happy the organizations do not have any growth customers come first at all times. That’s why I didn’t pick sociotechnical for my most important approach, because the employees are grade A workers they are trained well and know all the right things, have the right tools but will they be successful or act right in tough and hard situations? I think not.

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