The Forgiveness of Amir Khan in "The Kite Runner"

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Amir’s Character Sketch( The Kite Runner) Tony Robbins has said, ‘Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself’. The forgiveness of a protagonist, Amir Khan is shown in ‘The Kite Runner’ book. Hassan has left an individually obsessed guilt for Amir that Amir couldn’t save Hassan out of the harassment because he was scared of talking this problem to Baba. It became his selfishness, and he has changed himself from a selfish boy to a selfless man that bravely finds a redemption road for his guilt.

Toward the second third of the novel, Amir is trying to be more open about his evil which is an ignorance of Hassan’s harassment in the past. ‘That was a long time ago, but it’s wrong what they say about the past. I’ve learned about how you can bury it’ (Page 2). This is a hint of the protagonist’s drift when he gets older talking about his childhood. Amir is a sensitive and intelligent child in Kabul, and his father’s affection had caused Amir to be jealous toward anyone by blaming Amir for his mother’s death.

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It leads to an unrevealed event of Amir’s witnessing Hassan being raped.

The fact shows Amir never learnt to assert himself against anyone under Baba’s affection and Hassan’s defence. Amir learns how to forgive the past and live for his future. The value of loyalty and understanding from Soraya makes him more mature. His wife, Soraya is supportive of Amir because she understands Amir’s circumstance that she has overcome a similar situation.

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“I envied her. Her secret was out. Spoken. Dealt with.'(Page 142). Amir is motivated to become a better version himself by looking at Soraya. He knows what his mistake is and stands up to make thing right. Amir accepts selflessly his past and turns into a compassionate person. He uses his selflessness to fix his dark spot which is scared to tell anyone about his guilt.

From teenage years to adulthood, Amir doesn’t show his happiness due to his steady guilt accompanies. He and his father have a time suffering a hard time in America as well as Hassan and Ali live in poverty and blacken their names. Amir understands more the circumstances that he treated Hassan. He decides to go back to his father’s orphanage to redeem Sohrab. It depicts Amir’s confession of neglecting his sinful past that he will not hurt his friendship with Hassan and his remorse. In this attempt to rescue Sohrab, Amir shows his selflessness about Hazara and relentless guilt. Sohrab currently is really important to Amir because Sohrab represents for the forgiveness of Hassan to reconcile between Amir and Hassan friendship, and Amir and himself. In conclusion, Amir’s personality has changed over the time and he becomes a selfless man to his guilt. He learns to receive facts that he did wrong in the past. Sohrab’s rescue proves his selflessness because it allows him to apologize to his friend in another way. I think he will save Sohrab out of Taliban’s hands. They will have a peaceful life together with Soraya in America in an enough condition. My imagination of Amir boy is chubby and very fashionable because he is a son of a wealthy family. When Amir grows up, he becomes more mature in his thinking. I would imagine that he’s tall and has the basic clothes because he doesn’t have a fancy life in America. He looks clean in basic stuff with cloth shoes and a vest with sequins.

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The Forgiveness of Amir Khan in "The Kite Runner"

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