The Flipflops and Their Function


As the purpose of our course is to become familiar with logic gates, their functions and we become much familiar with gates and their combinational circuits, by using that knowledge we are going to design a parking counter which is completely composed of different logical gates and their combinational circuits.

The most important thing in our designing is of Flip flops. We will discuss what the flipflops, their function and usage in our designing below.


Counter by name it is clear that it will perform counting according to desired needs.

We are making parking counter as already mentioned in above paragraph. As in all over world there is mostly issues of traffic problems which is mostly common in our country Pakistan. By taking this problem in our mind we are designing a logic circuit that will resolve this issue. We face parking problems everywhere like in schools, colleges, universities hospitals parking etc. our aim is to design auto controlled parking counter which will not allow more vehicles to enter in parking if there is no more space and allow vehicles to enter if area is available.

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By fixing this counter at entrance of parking, it will count how many vehicles were entering to parking. Suppose that we have three slots of parking and each slot has area for three vehicles to parked. Gate will automatically be opening for vehicles if there is space available and it will be display on screen (in our case it will display on 7-seg).

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if there is one vehicle parked in parking, then there is still space for two more vehicles so gate will open till all slots can’t be filled. After filling every slot, a red indicator become on which shows that there is no more space for any vehicles. Below is a sample picture of parking diagram:


Now we will discuss the construction of parking counter. Before explanation I will give an over view of components used in our designing. We use flipflops,7-segment displays, sensors, and some basic logic gates and led to construct our circuit.

First at entrance of parking we fix IR sensors that will sense each vehicle entering into parking. This sensor is further connected to JK flipflop as giving clock. With each clock it will count one and so on, on 7-segment display. After three vehicles entered into parking a red led will glow indicating that now there is no more space in we used name of some components above, we will discuss about each component briefly;

JK Flip Flop:

The most important memory element is the flip-flop, which is made up of an assembly of logic gates. Even though a logic gate, by itself, has no storage capability, several can be connected together in ways that permit information to be stored. Several different gate arrangements are used to produce these flip-flops (abbreviated FF).

Most digital equipment has some means for displaying information in a form that can be understood readily by the user or operator. This information is of- ten numerical data but can also be alphanumeric (numbers and letters).one of the simplest and most popular methods for displaying numerical digits uses a 7-segment configuration to form the decimal characters 0 through 9. One common arrangement uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) for each segment.

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