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The Five People You Meet in Heaven coursework evaluation sample Essay

1. Person 1 – The Blue Man – Evaluate your drama showing the connection between the Blue Man and Eddie.

Our drama worked well because our group had the advantage of having three people in the group, which meant we could create a drama different from anybody else’s and develop the side range of idea we all had. However, working within a group of three when only two characters were needed, also meant it was harder to convey the emotion between The Blue Man and Eddie. The acting was good but we could have improved as some members of the group were not as focused as others. This could have been because we had to work hard to change and re-evaluate the main ideas of the drama as we had to work effectively in a trio. Next time, we should stay in role and motivate each other better.

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2. Person 2 – The Captain – Evaluate the Forum theatre showing Eddies forgiveness as he understands why the Captain shot him in the leg.

We used forum theatre to portray thus. It worked because the actors who volunteered were very enthusiastic and that flowed through into their acting. The audience contributed by giving advice to the actors, this was effective because we ended up with a different range of idea that contrasted well with each other. The moment was a bit disorganised, because we were improvising and some actors slipped out of role whilst in the spotlight. The acting was touch and go; strong when the ideas were flowing but weak when the ideas were running out of steam. To improve this next time we could pre plan where we want to go with the ideas. However, do it lightly as we would want the forum theatre acting to still possesses spontaneity.

3. Person 3 – Ruby (and Eddie’s Father) – Evaluate how you communicated one of the below.

The damage of neglect / The damage of violence / The damage of silence

What techniques did you use?

We used two tableaux’s

Explain one key moment:

As tableaux one was a light hearted and joyful picture of father and son, whilst tableaux two was a picture showing the strained relationship between the two; the transition between the two still images was very important.

How effective was the piece and why?

The piece was effective because the juxtaposition between the two tableaux was evident.

What would you do differently in an ideal world?

In an ideal world, I would have a background of a sunny walking trail (as this is suitable to the scene in which we set out still image), then in tableaux two the background would turn into a stormy grey. Also, the costume would be matching at first and very proper but in the second still image, we could consider having the son dressed in a more sloppy style that hints his rebellion towards his father.

4. Person 4 – Marguerite – explain how you chose to portray the concept of Love.

What techniques did you use?

A prominent technique used in our drama was mime; we developed the idea of using mime so the two people in love mined the words whilst the outsider of the group spoke out aloud.

We also used projection to project an image of clouds onto the wall behind us, we wanted to create a clam effect at the beginning of the piece.

Explain one key moment:

A key moment was when person 1 and person 2 (the two in love) kissed; this showed the progression of their relationship. However person 3 is continually being ignored and can only watch whilst person 1 and person 2 fall in love.

How effective was the piece and why?

It was effective, because even though there was limited speech we conveyed the different emotions between the friends effectively.

What would you do differently in an ideal world?

In an ideal world, I would have more actors performing in the last scene as extras. When the friends finally meet after years of growing apart, it would look good if we had a crowd of bustling people that the main trio had to push past in order to escape an awkward meeting. However, we would need to think of ideas of how we could set apart the friends from the extras; we could consider using different clothing, spotlights or something else.

Also, I would have the projection of the cloud turn into a completely different image at each stage of the friends’ life. For example; when they are children-clouds hovering above an open field, when they are teenagers-a graffiti brick wall, when they are young adults-a university campus, and when they are adults-an upmarket cafe or restaurant of some sort.

5. Person 5 – Tala – Evaluate the most moving part of Tala’s story for you – explain WHY it was effective and How.

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