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The First World War Essay

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This article will discuss the First World War how it happened and its impact on the United States, both at home as well as on their foreign policy. According to the book American history by Henretta, the Second World War took place in 1939 and involved European powers this war lasted 6 years, this article addresses how the United States got into the war and the impact it had on them both at home as well as on their foreign policy It talks about the economic prosperity of the 1920 with America achieving this through business both to the Europe allies and Europe itself, new inventions, manufacture of goods and creation of employment.

The great depression in 1930 is discussed here with the causes and why it was so severe. (Henretta 2007) The First World War James Henretta In his book American history notes that the First World War took place in 1914 and there were a number of reasons for these. The European countries had scrambled for many colonies from Africa and hence creating many conflicts all around the world and this led to the major European powers lack of friendship towards each other thereby forming allies in readiness for war. (Henretta 2007)

According to the book American history by Henretta One major reason of the World War 1 was the assassination of the imminent heir at the time of the Austrian throne that was known as Franz Ferdinand. The archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated in Sarajevo by a Serbian nationalist. James Henretta In his book American history There was formation of alliances which were power alliances in order to establish a position incase the war broke out this was done in order to ensure that the alliances supported each other and hence major disputes led to major conflicts.

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(Henretta 2007) Many Europeans lived in empires and were thirsty for independence since there countries were part of empires hence the conflicts which eventually led to war as they hated the way they were being ruled and the conflicts also involved other nations. Nationalism was a major factor in this war as nations wished to show their power to the rest of the world and there was no better way of showing this that getting into war and winning. (Henretta 2007)

James Henretta In his book American history, there was a European region called Balkans which was claimed by Austria and Russia who were eager to demonstrate their force over control of this region and this led to the war. Impact of the War on the United States of America According to the book American history by Henretta The United States practiced neutrality in this war and by doing this they benefited economically as it did business with the allies in the way as well as Europe. The Americans sold more of their manufactured goods as well as their agricultural goods.

Also advancing loans to those that required it with an interest. The United States became at this time a major creditor nation. How the Unites States Got Into the War The united got into this war in 1917. This was because Germany was a land power and Britain was a naval power and hence it used this power to isolate other nations including German ships going to America. This was a blockade which was prevention of entrance and exit of commerce as well as traffic. (Henretta 2007) James Henretta In his book American history states that they blockaded the whole continent.

The Germans warned Americans against using British ships or else they would sink them. They also attempted to break the blockade and this caused a submarine war which let to the sinking of ships which had passengers who were citizens of the United States. The united states were not pleased with this and sharply critisizegermany and that is how they got involved in the first world war. (Henretta 2007) Impact on the U. S Foreign Policy According to the book American history by Henretta The United States gained an internationalist foreign policy.

By its intervention in major international conflicts and also extending to the European, economic assistance for the post war reconstruction. They never looked at themselves as an individual but they realizes that whatever is happening in other nations could have an impact on them and they could also involve themselves with what is happening in other nations as their concern. They sought to become a great power more than any other nation. (Henretta 2007) Causes of the Second World War According to the book American history by Henretta This war took place between 1939 and ended in 1945.

One of the causes this war was the desire for revenge as well as resentment left in the First World War. The great powers that had taken part in this war has all millions of casualties particularly Germany being viewed as the sole responsible for the war. America, France and Britain had signed a treaty known as Versailles treaty since they all held Germany responsible for the war and this had left Germany humiliated and also suffering economically. (Henretta 2007) James Henretta In his book American history, states that, the United States wanted to remain isolated from the war where as other nations wanted it to participate in it.

They wished to benefit economically from the war instead other than participate in it. The international community was not able to enforce the Versailles treaty’s demands notably the reduction of Germany military to 100,000 and without tanks and air force. (Henretta 2007) According to the book American history by Henretta, the Germans also lost industrial territory prompting them to lose financially. Throughout the world there was an eruption of emotions to the devastation caused by the First World War so there was bitterness and wish for revenge.

Adolph Hitler wished to prove to other European nations that Germany was more superior to them and also he wanted to acquire territories which at one time belonged to Germany and this prompted him to get into the war. (Henretta 2007) Why and How the U. S Got Into the Second World War According to the book American history by Henretta, they got into this war in 1940 after their government broke the Japanese war- time code known as the “ purple” where they gained the ability to read and understand all the Japanese messages sent all over the world.

James Henretta In his book American history states that, Japan, Germany and Italy signed a tripartite treaty that either of them had to respond should any of them be attacked and they should respond with declaring war on any nation that attacked either of them. The president of the United States at the time Roosevelt got into the way of Japan in 1940 after asking his commander-in- chief to establish a patrol of the pacific by stretching a wall of the American naval across the pacific and to make it impossible for Japan to reach any of their goods supply sources.

(Henretta 2007) James Henretta In his book American history states that, by doing this he had miscalculated the ability of the japans and due to he pressure by America the Japanese attacked the Pearl Harbor which was an American territory hence prompting America to get into war. Impact on the United States At Home This war accelerated the American life transformation in the form of various programs. The war industries had demand for workers and this created a good opportunity for millions of Americans. (Henretta 2007)

According to the book American history by Henretta, due to the large number of men who has d been drafted into the second world war there was creation of jobs for the American woman and hence transforming the domestic life. The women performed the jobs abandoned by the men when they went into war. James Henretta In his book American history, states that, previously in America, jobs reserved for men for wages could not be performed by women. Due to economic demand there was recognition of women of what is appropriate for them in the American economy.

The war brought about innovations and technology. There was a massive growth of the airline industry with aerial war on a global scale. America recognized itself as the most powerful nation in the world and to think of them as part of the world. It also put America’s presidency in the public life of Americans and to lead in issues f diplomacy, peace and war. (Henretta 2007) Reasons for the Economic Prosperity in The 1920s According to the book American history by Henretta This prosperity was accelerated by the World War 1.

America isolated itself in the war and opted to do business. They sold goods to the countries that were not able to buy goods from Europe as well as Europe itself. This ensured that America benefited throughout the war. (Henretta 2007) According to the book American history by Henretta, America also lent money to be paid with interest to their European allies. By the end of the war there had been an increase in the production of goods such as coal, petrol together with an advance in technology.

America by isolation itself for the problems of Europe concentrated on personal growth in wealth by doing business with an aim to make the most profit. (Henretta 2007) Technology an inventions led to employment of the unemployed hence ensuring workers in industries has a steady income. This led to a steady output. The stocks and shares were also active leading to the expansion of businesses alongside positive economic independence of the American women and also low unemployment led to economic prosperity. (Henretta 2007) Causes of the Great Depression

Conditions of Drought This had occurred in Mississippi valley in the United States in 1930, affecting people thus making them not able to pay taxes which are essential in running a nation. They were not even able to settle other of their debts and this led them to sell their farms at a loss. Stock Market Crash In 1929, there was a stock market crash because stock holders had lost a total of 40 billion dollars in only two months after this crash. It was not easy for America to regain even by the end of 1930 leading to the great depression.

(Henretta 2007) Bank Failures In the year 1930 there was a failure of 9000 banks in America this happened at a time when cash deposits were not insured hence this led to loss of savings prompting other banks failure to extend loans due to fear of failing like their counterparts. This led to less expenditure and consequently the great depression. (Henretta 2007) Reduced Purchasing Power Peoples purchasing power was reduced leading to a reduction in manufacture of goods and also a reduction in workforce by loss of jobs. (Henretta 2007) Unemployment

There was a rise in unemployment up to 25% and there was less spending and the American people were not able to pay for goods they had initially taken on installments and this led to the great depression as there continued to e less and less spending to alleviate the situation of the economy. (Henretta 2007) Conclusion According to the book American history by Henretta, the First World War took place in the 1914 in Europe and the United States wished to be a neutral party in the war in order to benefit economically through business. They sold manufactured goods to Europe and other nations in the war.

In 1929 during the 2nd world war the united states prospered economically due to new inventions, technology and also manufacture goods , business as well as creating of jobs due to demand of their manufactured goods. (Henretta 2007) The great depression happened in 1930 and was caused by bank failure, unemployment, and stock market crash and also reduced purchase power of the people also leading to low manufacture of goods and consequently unemployment. (Henretta 2007) References:- James Henretta (2007), America’s History, Bedford/ St Martin’s Publishers. New York

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