The first step of XML Essay

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The first step of XML

XML was never built for software development. XML was grown from an older technology known as SGML. SGML was developed to resolve the problems with publishing. The problem was to organize the documents that run through thousand pages with different set of styles and requirements of formatting. SGML succeeded this requirement to an extent but due to the predefined rules, it was difficult to customize it. Due to these drawbacks the development on XML started with the objective of interoperability and requirement of customization. It simplified SGML which made it more open to be accepted by anybody and anywhere.

XML was planned to be used for publishing webPages, books, manuals etc. Over a period of time, there have been lots of applications that have been developed with EDP, ERP etc. which were used by different organizations, to compete and help them process and organize their business. There have been competitors and new emerging markets where it was very important to be IT enabled which gave birth to lot of new applications. After a few years, the ecommerce came into existence which required interacting with various different applications and business entities to enable successful business transactions on the electronic world.

There were requirement of most of the company’s information needs to be shared and integrated to carry smooth business. There was a big challenge. How to share data? It was not so easy to talk to different applications and take output from one application and give it to a different application. The format was very critical. For e. g. : When a person from Turkey wanted to talk to a person from France, it is difficult to understand both unless they speak the same language. The question was developing a data format which can accept and transform from a given type of format to the required format.

It was the first step of XML in the world. XML is not any new markup language but a subset of SGML which is known as the father of all markup language. The XML can be written in such a way that one format can be converted to different format based on the schema or DTD (validation procedure). This made it popular and important element in ecommerce and in the new generation application. It is now applicable not only to web applications but also for standalone applications. ANALYSIS To understand XML better, we need to know the advantages and disadvantages of XML.

Let me list down few advantages and disadvantages. Advantages 1. First of all, it is non-restrictive. The developer can use any type of tag, any word he desire to be used as a tag. Defining your own tags is a boon and shows the flexibility of the technology to be used. 2. The XML tags can be validated. It is easy to validate and follow the structure. The developer can define the rules for the tags to be used. 3. XML can be combined with HTML. All HTML tags can be used with XML using namespace. 4. XML documents can be easily incorporated with other applications which will be able to process XML information.

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