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The first description of Scrooge emphasises Essay

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In his visit from Marley, Scrooge is told that he has a ‘chance and hope’ of escaping the same terrible fate that he himself has suffered. Marley is covered in chains which represent his greed during his time on earth and he explains to Scrooge that ‘charity, mercy, forbearance and benevolence’ should have been and now should be his business in order to redeem his selfish past. Marley’s visit as the first ghost represents the beginning of Scrooges change of his ways and it shows Scrooge the possibility of his own redemption.

The second Ghost to visit Scrooge, the Ghost of Christmas past, takes him back to when he worked as an apprentice for his first employer Fezziwig. Scrooge is able to see a Christmas party held by his kind hearted boss and during this time he forgets the presence of the ghost as he is immersed in the atmosphere created by his generous employer. During the whole party Scrooges ‘Heart and soul were in the scene. ‘ However the audience is reminded of Scrooges lack of generosity and greed before Scrooge realises that he has the responsibility to make his hard working employees happy.

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This is shown when Dickens explains that whilst Scrooge was speaking ‘unconsciously’ he believed that the party was a great expense for giving happiness and that only with the power of money could Fezziwig make his guests happy. On the second ghosts visit Scrooge also sees himself with his first love Bella and sees that he sacrificed love for money which he now regrets as he realises his own judgment was wrong. At this point in the novel the audience is shown how Scrooge may be beginning to consider the importance of change. Scrooge is then visited by the ghost of Christmas present who shows him the Cratchit’s family at Christmas.

On this visit Scrooge sees that he is partially responsible for the Cratchit’s family’s welfare as he is the employer of Bob and this makes Scrooge realise the importance of sharing his own wealth and giving. Scrooge also realises that the poor make do with the little money they have but are still able to enjoy themselves and be happy. During the third ghosts visit Scrooge begins to show concern about tiny Tim’s welfare as he can see that the malnourished child is obviously ill and he therefore asks the ghost to tell him ‘with and interest he had never felt before’ Whether tiny Tim will live.

The ghost explains to Scrooge that if he does not change in the future tiny Tim will die and then repeats Scrooges words said about decreasing the surplus population. Upon hearing these words Scrooge is instantly full of remorse and this again shows the audience how Scrooges views on the ‘poorer-nation’ have changed drastically since the fist three ghosts visits. Scrooges regret is then later doubled as even though he had been a cruel employer Bob thanked him for the family’s tiny Christmas feast.

After realising the importance of family after seeing how Bob Cratchit spent his Christmas Scrooge visited his nephew Fred and Scrooge who was embarrassed of his previous arrogance was surprised to be greeted by nephew extremely happy to see him. At this point in the novel Scrooge can see that people who should see him as a terrible person were happy to see him ,he therefore enjoys a ‘wonderful party’ knowing that he is now not alone and he then sees the true value of a family who loves one another.

Whilst being visited by the ghost of Christmas present the ghost presents scrooge ‘from the folding of its robe’ with ‘two children: wretched, abject, frightful, hideous, miserable’. Scrooge asks the ghost if they have ‘no refuge’ and again he is confronted with the words he said about the poor before his ghostly visits which Scrooge now obviously regrets. Dickens includes this as it makes the audience believe Scrooge is now changing for the better to benefit not only him, but the poorer nation as well.

Finally Scrooge is visited by the ghost of Christmas yet to come who informs Scrooge that he will die a lonely death with no concern from anyone else unless he changes his views on money and social classes. On hearing this news Scrooge proclaims that he ‘is not the man he was’ and at this point the reader will also believe this as Scrooges attitude has changed as the visits from ghost progressed. He truly wants to be a different man and change for the better, not just to secure his own fate but also Tiny Tim’s.

At the end of the novel Scrooges attitude towards money and social classes has changed greatly he believes he will live in the ‘past present and future’, take nothing for granted and be the kind hearted man that his business partner Jacob Marley wanted him to be. He is now extremely happy with his own situation with money but also willing to help others that are not so well off like his employee Bob Cratchit who he donated the Christmas turkey to as an act of good will and the charity collector.

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