The first act in Hobsons Choic Essay

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The first act in Hobsons Choic

Willie’s speech tells the reader that Will is now a successful businessman and that he is able to control his own business. The playwright shows us this change by making the character use more complex speeches. In the fourth act, Willies responses towards Hobson a much more lengthy than they were and they is not the same as his limited, one word answers in the first act.

This shows the reader that he has become more confident to talk to people in a class higher than his own, and he has a larger vocabulary and he is much more fluent. He tells Hobson how he expects his business to go on into St.Anne’s square in the future.

In act four, the reader also finds out how much Willie has changed from the way he talks to Hobson about the new name of the boot shop. Willie tells Hobson that the name of the shop shall be, “William Mossop, late Hobson”. Maggie does not agree and Hobson realises that Willie is trying to take over the whole business. At this point, Hobson says,” Just wait a bit. I want to know if I’m taking this in alright. I’m to be given a half-share in my own business on condition I take no part in running it. Is that what you said?

” Willie replies, “That’s it”, as if to imply that Hobson is not to have any part in the business. This portrays Willies confidence in speaking to people like Hobson and shows the reader how much his attitude has changed. In act four, Willie is much more fluent with his words and his new vocabulary suggests that he has been educated well by Maggie. He talks about things in a more serious manner. He does not speak in a comical way, or use any phrases that would make him look dim-witted. Also, the way in which he controls his business in Oldfield Road suggests his education has improved dramatically.

Maggie’s education and influence on Will have had a positive effect on him. Unlike the first act, he is now clear about his ambitions and his future. This is shown by his attitude towards his business and the way he handles Hobson’s offer of partnership. At the end of act four, Maggie and Will show their love towards each other. In the first act Will Mossop is a reluctant player in Maggie’s game plan. By the end of act four, he loves her and can appreciate what she has done for him. The last phrase in act four, shows that Will Mossop still hasn’t completely grown out of his comical attitude, by saying, “Well, By gum!

” This ends the play. In contrast to the early scenes, I chose to show Willie Mossop as a confident, successful businessman. Firstly, I used a different costume and I wore a three-piece suit with a top hat under my arm. Secondly, when I spoke to Mr Hobson I was fluent and I looked him in the eye. In this act, I changed my timorous attitude to a confident attitude. I proved this by having my shoulders back and being in a closer space. I even deliberately placed Maggie behind me on stage, to show that I was now the person in charge.

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