The Firm Movie Review Essay

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The Firm Movie Review

A legally themed thriller starring Tom Cruise and Gene Hackman, The Firm was one of the movies revolving around Partnership and the related laws. Mitch McDeere, played by Tom Cruise, is a newly employed associate at Bendini, Lambert & Locke and a graduating law student from Harvard. Although gladly absorbed by the company through tempting salary packages, McDeere finds out the firm’s illegal activities causing him to be in action.

Generally, The Firm is not only a partnership concern. It includes related laws about overbilling, attorney confidentiality, and criminal cases. Listed here are some of the instances where law can be observed: •The partnership Bendini, Lambert & Locke is a particular one for the practice of a profession (Article 1767, 1783). It is a general professional partnership. Article 1844 states that the firm is not a limited one. Being one guarantees the public of everything about •In this film, management has been agreed upon to Royce McKnight and to others not being stated. Accordingly, Article 1803 doesn’t apply in any instances. •Under Article 1804, about subpartnership, McDeere is not even a subpartner. •Article 1770 states that the partnership must have a lawful object or purpose, and must be established for the common benefit or interest of the partners.

Actually, the way by which the firm was created is a lawful one, being it created for the practice of a profession. However, this practice of profession is nevertheless the cause of illegality of its object or purpose. Having been stated by Voyles that Bendini, Lambert & Locke is the sole legal representative of the Morolto Brothers, the Mafia. •Article 1806 states of the rendering of true and full information. It may be implied from the film that all partners know of the case of Morocco Ltd. This case was entirely hidden from McDeere, such a disadvantage for him being a mere associate. Nevertheless this information should have been communicated by Tolar to McDeere. Actually, this hiding of information is also evident when McDeere is trying to copy files from the company database. It maybe implied from this situation that this “hiding of information” is “binding” upon all of the partners since not all partners have access to such files.

•According to the Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information (Rules of Professional Conduct of American Bar), in a client-lawyer relationship, a lawyer may reveal information relating to the representation of a client the lawyer reasonably proves necessary. This is clearly present in the scene where FBI Director Voyles is interrogating McDeere about some help in the case of the firm. •It is also stated in Rule 1.5 Fees (Ibid.), that fees should be reasonable. Some of the partners are guilty of overbilling their clients. McDeere figured it out while talking with a client. •Under Article 1830, it may not be seen from the film but impliedly, the firm is dissolved. Documents convincing the firm’s illegal actions mean the firm is void ab initio and the instruments are confiscated in favor of the state but it is not clear whether such happened in the movie (Article 1770).

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