The Fire Inside Me Essay

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The Fire Inside Me

A spark has been lit inside of me. It has become attached to my body, creating a fire that will soon consume me. There are things I do want out of life for myself, and this fire is there for that reason. The fire forces me to achieve all of my goals. The fire started as all fires start—the tiniest spark. I could tell from the “pinch-like” pain that the spark landed right above my smaller intestine, right in the “pit of my stomach. ” With each goal I set for myself, the fire grows stronger, hotter, and brighter than ever before.

I want to go to college, and with that thought to myself, I can feel the fire grow inside of me. The faint smell of smoke that would make one reminisce a childhood campfire appears in my nostrils. My skin grows slightly warmer, and my once cool, wet, clammy palms have suddenly become cool and dry. I want to be valedictorian, and in less than a minute, I can feel the tiny fire grow larger, enveloping my stomach, liver, gall bladder, and spleen. The fire has grown to the size where one could see an array of colors: orange, red, yellow, and the faintest blue-tinge located in the center of the fire.

I want to win states for soccer; immediately the fire increases in size yet again, this time consuming my lungs, muscles, and bones; it takes control of my intestines, esophagus and kidneys. With every exhale I put forth, I feel dark black smoke rise through my trachea and slowly drip out of my nostrils, leaving only the smell of smoke, and the sight of black vapor wisping in front of my eyes. My eyes that were once blue have slowly began to turn red, as if to show others of the fire that consumes me—the fire that drives me.

The flame’s tendrils whip around my heart and brain, close enough to cook my two-most-vital organs. With every piece of food I eat, the taste of charcoal rises to my lips and tongue, giving me no more enjoyment in either eating or drinking. I have become permanently dehydrated because everything I drink soon turns to vapor due to the heat. No longer am I cold, or even warm, but am now hot to the touch. I will be successful, and with this goal, the fire completely envelops me.

The heat in my body could raise the temperature of the Arctic Circle by a few degrees. I can now hear the sound of my organs sizzling, crackling, and popping in the intense heat. The fire is now displayed in brilliant shades of blue, light and dark, purple, a vibrant yellow, a spectacular red, and a bright orange. The sight of my fire would be enough to put to shame any sunrise or sunset. With every breath I take, the air is immediately lost, used instead to fuel the fire. The fire that now consumes me has become a part of me.

It lives inside me and forces my thoughts to be centered. The fire no longer causes pain for me, as I have come to accept my fire, my passion and drive. Soon, with me slowly accomplishing my goals one by one, it still pushes me onward. It makes it so that I can push past any obstacle in front of me. The fire allows me to see that I will be successful and that I will achieve all my life’s goals. I sometimes cannot help wondering if Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, or any other great history-maker had a fire of their own much like this.

I understand that the fire will one day diminish. It will once again lose control over my body, leaving behind only black colored organs, the minor smell of smoke, and the slight taste of charcoal. Soon, the fire will become only a spark once again leaving the remainder of my fire to dissipate in the last smoke vapor to leave my burnt nostrils. But for now, the fire still fuels me. For now, if one would look closely enough, past the burnt hair, the blackened organs, and the pulsating red eyes, they would still be able to see that tiny spark.

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