The Fire Department Strategic Plan for 2009-2013 Essay

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The Fire Department Strategic Plan for 2009-2013

Firemen – these are the people whose functions we often take for granted. However, the role of fire departments in communities is of paramount importance. It is in the hands of the firemen where the security and the safety of the people lye. Thus, providing for the needs of the fire department ought to be listed at the agendas of the government. The government must make sure that the community fire department is working at their prime by providing for all of their needs. In addition to that, the government must also be able to deal with, and meet the future demands of the fire department for them to be able to keep up with the times.

With that said, I propose for a strategic plan for the advancement of the local fire department. My proposal mainly encompasses the provision of equipments for the fire department so that their objectives of serving their people can be met. The fire department strategic plan for 2009-2013 How could a fire department function properly without their main weapon – the fire truck? Thus, the government must be able to provide for, not only a working and functioning fire truck, but also one that can sustain the vigorous demands of the firemen.

The number of fire trucks within the fire department must also be ample and sufficient in number so that the firemen can respond to their community’s call for help smoothly whenever the need arises. Providing for a working and sufficient fire truck can help the fire department do their function orderly and properly. Corollary to the provision of fire trucks, provision of equipments for the firemen must also be addressed. Equipments and gears such as the basic yet very essential fireproof coats, gloves, fire retardant helmets, foot wears, and goggles to name a few must be sufficiently provided for.

Worn out gears and equipments must also be immediately replaced and restocked. In addition, other gears such as, binoculars, flashlights, axes, high power cutters and drills, or even compasses must also be provided for. These equipments can greatly help the local fire department in servicing the people. Ample provision of these gears can provide for the quality performance of the firemen in overcoming the drawbacks of narrow buildings, illegal constructions, basement fires, and in combating chemical and hazardous fires in the city and other neighboring areas.

(http://www. hindu. com/2005/05/20/stories/2005052012780400. htm) Thus, the goals and objectives of the community fire department can consequently be met. The provisions that I have stated above are the fundamental tools a fireman must have. To boot, communication equipments are equally essential for the orderly functioning of the local fire department. Communication and other electronic apparatuses such as telephones and or other wireless phones, and computers at the fire department must be provided for efficient communication.

These communication equipments must be in adequate quantity to assure the easy contact and access of the people to their fire department. GPS should also be placed inside fire trucks so that the firemen can know the fastest access to a site of casualty. Thus, these gears can provide for a well-organized functioning of the community fire department. To quote G. C. Mishra, a senior official at the Delhi Fire Service (DFS): “Another area which has been of interest to us is the development of communication equipments which would include computerization of fire control room that will also act as an information centre.

Any call being made to this place would be recorded and firemen would be given information about the special risks in the area where the fire has occurred including the layout, the kind of fire and will also run a check on any hazardous material that the men will need to look out for. It would also tell the official about the nearest fire station, cutting down the travel and response time” (http://www. hindu. com/2005/05/20/stories/2005052012780400. htm) Included in my proposal for a strategic development for the local fire department is the construction of newer and more up-to-date fire houses.

These contemporary fire departments would serve as the home base of the firemen. Since this is the place where the firemen would be receiving the calls for help from the people, then a fire house that can keep up with the rigorous activities of the firemen must be properly addressed. This too must meet the standards for safety and protection from hazardous casualties so as not to impede the orderly function of the department. The fire house must have adequate allocation of spaces reserved for specific functions such as an office for the department containing up-to-date equipments which I have also mentioned above.

My last proposal is none other than for the firemen themselves, addressing the demands of these personnel. These firemen must have the just treatments that are rightfully accord to them. A job as risky as firefighting, people working as firemen must be accorded with remunerations and benefits such as in health – free hospitalization and the like. To quote Mr. G. C. Mishra, a DFS senior official: “Our data from 2004 has shown that we have lost 10 men to various accidents. Fire-fighting is a high-tension job.

Besides the obvious dangers it is also very stressful with the men suffering from exhaustion and severe health problems after every major fire…” (http://www. hindu. com/2005/05/20/stories/2005052012780400. htm) Closing The proposals that I have mentioned is a testament to the fact that there is a need to update fire fighting methods and equipments not just for the security and protection of a community, but also to improve the working capability of the community fire department. Reference: 1. The Hindu. New Delhi: Fire Service goes hi-tech. Retrieved from website: http://www. hindu. com/2005/05/20/stories/2005052012780400. htm

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