The final database Essay

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The final database

This is a form putting all the information into one form where buttons can be clicked to perform a specific query. In this case “number of Bedrooms” will have to be clicked and then “3” will have to be entered to activate the same query as the previous one. Another query can be neatly displayed in a form as such, this time for price (you can make a price range in a query by putting in the following formula: “>=[enter min price?] And <=[enter max price?]”

Another way of displaying information about all the houses for sale is by means of the following form:  have spoken to my end-user and he has decided that for a form which displays all the houses on sale, he would like the form above, and for queries, he would like a “button sheet.” So now that I have tested it, I can start making the final database. Evaluate My project has several good and bad points for my end user. Here are all the things I consider good points about the Database I set up.

Good points about my Database have been produced – This helps particular data to be collected quickly, without having to browse through all the information to find the records that you need.  Forms have been produced – This helps so that data can be entered into the relevant fields easily and quickly. It also makes it easier to access the data for the end user, and makes it more presentable, as it is shown in form view, instead of tables.  A switchboard has been created – This allows me to access 3 different queries from a single form. This makes it even easier and faster to search for information.

Weak points about my database  No reports have been made – This is a good thing to have because, hard copies of information can be made. Seeing as this database is for an Estate Agent, not me or my end user really see a need for this, and customers can take away brochures of particular houses.Have I met all the objectives set? bjective 1: To provide a quick and easy way to enter data about houses into the system, using tables and forms.

I have achieved this by setting up forms Objective 2: To use validation checks to make sure all data entered is valid, and limit errors  I have also created successful validation checks, such as number fields, and limiting the number of characters in each field. Objective 3: To present data in an organized way.  I have achieved this as well by using structured tables, forms, and a switchboard.

Objective 4: To create a way of accessing data quickly and easily, using certain criteria.  I have achieved this by setting up queries using macros, and have also put this into the switchboard. This means houses can be found according to certain criteria, like price range. As you can see, I have met all the original objectives set by me and my end user. My end user suggested that one possible change could be to create reports. This would mean that hard copies can be printed off. He said that instead of having a separate system for brochures, we can use these reports as brochures. I then explained that we will need much more information on houses to be able to create that, like description, directions and size, if we wanted it to look like one of their current brochures.

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