The Film: “Gandhi” Essay

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The Film: “Gandhi”

The movie is actually a 1982 Biographical Production, directed by Richard Attenborough and it gained a lot of recognition years after the film had been released. Staring Ben Kingsley, as Gandhi it is based on the Life of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, A Lawyer turned Indian Freedom Fighter who led the path to freedom through a non-violent streak against the British Rule in India during the former part of the 20th Century.

An Academy Award winning movie explains the tedious task Gandhi went through to achieve Freedom, in a path which was less taken. The childhood or teenage life of Gandhi has not been portrayed in the film. In Lieu, the story goes back 55 years ago to a life altering event: in 1893, after which he begins to fight for the Rights of The Indians who lived in South Africa. After his victory, Gandhi is called back to India, where he is now considered a national hero.

He is recommended to take up the fight for India’s independence from the British Empire’s clutches. The Film has attracted the attention of many, Including Pandit Nehru, the then Prime Minister of India and his daughter Indira Gandhi, who provided the Directors and Co-Producers the money to take the film forward. The movie initially had some financial trouble due to which it was delayed by almost 20 years. The general review of the movie is very positive as it depicts the struggles for Freedom which ends victorious.

Ben Kingsley’s performance is well appreciated and very few people talk negative of this film. The Film boasts of approximately 400,000 side actors appearing for the funeral sequence, Out of which 200,000 were volunteers who wanted to be a part of the film, for this reason it holds the ‘Guinness World Records’, for the most number of extras. A lot of actors were considered for the role of Gandhi including Anthony Hopkins and Alec Guinness, but Ben Kinsley was the one who finally played Gandhi.

The movie goes by the tagline of “His Triumph Changed the World forever”. Gandhi is shown famously leading the great fights against a lot of campaigns, the most important being his fight for Indian Independence against the British rule in the Non-cooperation movement, Dandi Salt March and Quit India Movement using his simple belief of Satyagraha, meaning the Right Path. It is depicted how Gandhi gains a lot of attention from the Britain Empire, who face immense pressure, and finally grant India its Independence.

Gandhi is also shown declaring hunger strike for the religious war that breaks out in India between the Hindus and Muslims. Eventually the fight does end, however there is a partition that happens which leads to his death by a dissident Naturam Godse. The Film ends sadly with Gandhi’s voice over reciting one of his beliefs. The Song played at the end of the film is “Raghupati Raghava Raja Ram” which is a devotional song and was a favorite of Mahatma Gandhi, and he used to sing it during his 241 miles Salt March to Dandi.

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