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The fellowship of the ring Essay

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Bilbo knows that Frodo cares for him because, he himself is worried what Frodo will do if he leaves. When they are both at the party we see them together for the first time we see Frodo with is arm around him this is shown as a close bond. On Bilbo’s last speech the camera is focused in what Frodo thinks when it disappears, but when Bilbo says ‘goodbye’ this is merely directed at Frodo. But when he disappears the shock on Frodo’s face is wondered and shock because he knows now he is by himself.

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Gandalf and Frodo character interaction are vital of presenting good and evil the good is particularly shown in the warmth of the shire. we first see Frodo meeting Gandalf in the first glimpse of the shire. As soon as Frodo hears the rattle of the cart his face is a delight as soon as these two meet it starts of with a joke this shows that they have both got a sense of humour and they can react with each other this revolves with a big lash out of a hug these two get on like a house on fire, so they should as these two have got a big road ahead in this epic tale.

Sam and Frodo in the shire we see plenty of good in couples, this is one of the finest examples, this relationship is untouchable with two friendly harmless hobbits. Someone to break this relationship has to use a lot of cunning evil and trickery. We see this relationship unfold the first time we see them together. Sam is looking depressed and Frodo approaches him. He is looking at a girl and Frodo tells him to go and dance with her, Frodo gets Sam and tugs him into dancing, this brightens up Sam’s evening. To me this is what I call best friends.

This relationship is full of trust and loyalty but what will these two come across in the future. The one ring and whoever the ring bearer the ring can easily and quickly poison evil in someone’s mind who ever it may be from hobbits to the dark lord himself this ring will break and take whoever live it may come across. The special effects of the props create a good effect of good and evil , for example the Orks look like ready made fighting machine’s this comes to me how the detail of there skin and how you can look in there eye and feel pure evil.

Now as shown in the shire the impression of good is completely different to evil, the hobbits are small and which gives us the sense of harmlessness, this is shown in how big they are and how they have feelings. There is good quality use of editing in the prologue, for example at the start where they are naming the types of creature in middle earth, there is slow zooms and good fade outs these are also used in the shire. But in the prologue what it has that the shire has not got is the jump cuts because the prologue has to cover a longer period of time.

But there is good use of editing all round in both parts. Lord of the Rings looks nothing less than spectacular. What is even more impressive is the fact that director Peter Jackson decided to film all three of the books at one time, no easy task by any stretch of the imagination. He uses all the technology and wizardry available to filmmakers today and thrusts the audience deep within the treacherous and exciting Middle-earth. From the diminutive hobbits, to the Elven city Rivendell to the dark Mines of Moira, it’s all there.

The amount of talent involved in creating the film–the conceptual artistry, the production design, the costumes–should be recognized come Oscar time. The pacing of the movie is excellent, with enough down time and heartfelt, if sometimes stilted, speeches to counteract the incredible action sequences. You hardly notice the three hours passing by, and it leaves you at the end wanting the quest to continue. The only one deterring fact is that the film really is for its die-hard fans. Certainly in the literary world, Tolkien’s story is the mother of all epic fantasies, and Jackson has remained faithful to the material.

In that, the movie doesn’t necessarily have the universal appeal of, say, a Harry Potter. Nonetheless, Rings is a breathtaking piece of filmmaking. If you are a true-blue Rings follower, or even if you enjoy a good epic fantasy quest, the film has it all and will certainly not disappoint you. Lord of the rings English Course work Chris Cannarile Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE JRR Tolkien section.

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