The Fellowship and Foreign Service Essay

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The Fellowship and Foreign Service

My long-time professional and personal goal is to serve in the Foreign Service. I would feel privileged to lead a life of a Foreign Service Officer and serve my country. I would like to represent the America which has different kind of people, cultures, religions and backgrounds. I am from a minority background and I understand that America needs minority representatives. I had applied for the Fellowship in 2009, but could not succeed. I have improved my areas now and developed my skills and abilities to match with the 13 dimensions of a Foreign Service Officer and I assume that my preparations would help me towards the Fellowship and Foreign Service.

With the same determination and commitment, I am reapplying for the Fellowship this year too. I have assisted for Intern Submits, FSOT Preparatory sessions and been in contact with my Diplomat in Residence to better understand the mission of the State Department.(necessary if you feel, it is a good experience to express).

I finished my Bachelors Degree in Economics from the University of Arizona and then I got relocated to the Washington, DC metro area. I am working as a Management Analyst on a Student Temporary Employment Program with the Department of Defense, Washington Headquarters Services at the Pentagon. I had come across several hardships in life but I had taken it with positive attitude to strengthen my character and prepare myself for the future.  I grew up in a poor agricultural single-parent where sometime we did not have enough food to eat.

However, I never took that as a disadvantage but I took it as an opportunity to value every opportunity presented to me and use it towards fighting for my dreams. I consider myself as a persistent individual and with clear goals in life. When I took the decision of coming back to the US, I had two goals in mind, to attend college and support my mother who was living in Mexico at that time. I fully supported myself, finished my high school and began my university studies. In 2004, I could get my mother, her permanent residence in the US and in 2009, I became the first member of my family to obtain a degree in college.

I had grown up and brought up close to the U.S. border which shaped my life and interests, including my academic major in economics at the University of Arizona. It also fueled my desire to study and travel overseas, which has led me to study abroad in China and Mexico and I learnt Mandarin Chinese, Italian and Melanesian Tok Pisin.

I had participated in 7 different domestic internships and international internships abroad during my undergraduate studies including the Department of State, Department of Defense, Department of Commerce and the Department of Agriculture. These experiences had helped me to get a broader understanding of different aspects in the federal system. The experiences had also helped me to realize what I want to be, a career involved in foreign relations, international economics, and diplomacy.

My desire of working for the Foreign Service started when I first did my internship in Papua New Guinea. I was working in a small embassy where an important mission gave me the opportunity to interact and learn from different areas of an embassy. I also had the honor of working very closely with Ambassador Leslie Rhode who had encouraged me to join the FS. I was also very fortunate to have a second opportunity to reinforce that I can get into Foreign Service. I worked for the Foreign Commercial Service in the American Consulate in Monterrey and offered my time to the economic section of the State Department.

My economics degree, my language skills, my internships in Asia and Latin America, and my desire to make a change generates a confidence inside me to become a strong candidate for the Fellowship.  I am confident that with the help of this program, I will be prepared to face the challenges of both established and new democracies around the world. I am certain that it will provide me with the tools and knowledge necessary to represent and implement America’s Foreign Policy. (I don’t think whether you need this line) Today, America needs a Foreign Service that represents its democracy, values, and most importantly its rich diversity.

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