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The federal government Essay

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Taxation involves imposing a financial charge on an individual or a corporate by the government. Tax is an obligation laid upon a citizen or non citizen for the purposes of financing the government. In general terms this form of payment is not voluntary rather every person within the borders is entitled to meet the obligation.

Failure to comply with this requirement is tantamount to going against the laws of this country something which is punishable as prescribed by the law. There have been ranging debates whether American states should pay income taxes to the federal government.

This is a pertinent issue which needs to be taken with every caution it deserves since it touches on a very sensitive subject as far as financing the national government. (Kowalski, K 2005)

Federal income tax was first imposed in our constitution in 1860s during the American civil war. At this time it was meant to raise money for the financing of the war which left America more united than ever.

The union needed every coin to be able to meet its obligation in the course of defending and preserving the nation. If the American citizens did not honor the government call to pay the tax probably the federal government we have would not have been there.

Our forefathers did an honorable thing to meet their obligation as patriots and here we are as a united country. (Blakey, R 2006)  Therefore it is a constitutional right for every American who earns some income in this land to honor his or her obligation to the government just like the past generation did. This is meeting the patriotic requirement for every citizen of this country. It shows the great love we have for this nation such that we are ready to go to any height to defend it.

Why would anyone want to be left behind while other American citizen are in the forefront financing the government activities through giving Cesar what belongs to him. It is a duty that many are too eager to carry since they very clearly understand what their small contribution can do to this country. (Kowalski, K 2005)

 Along with rights and freedoms that every Americans is bound to enjoy come responsibilities which he or she should be ready to meet. Taxes have been described as both a societal responsibility and at the same time a patriotic duty.

They are an investment that we make in this nation in the present times and in years to come. Without making this contribution towards national building our present and future lives can not be guaranteed. Think of the investment that one makes so that he or she can ensure that the family prospers even when they are not there, they make us rest assured that in years to come the family will live happily and all their needs will be met. The same case should apply to us payers of the federal income tax we guarantee our future and that one of the generations that will come after us. (Blakey,R 2006)

If those who were there before us did not see the reason of paying income taxes we would not be having the good road system we are now enjoying. The current programs which are meant to protect our safety and ensure good health would be long dead. We could not be enjoying the services of the federal law enforcement forces and what would that mean more crime rate and deaths resulting from violent criminal activities would be the order of the day.

Life would be such a horror such that our days and night would be pose the worst experiences ever experienced. All in the name of not paying federal income taxes so that the government can get the money to finance its vital services. This financial obligation should be meeting with satisfaction emanating from the fact that somebody is contributing towards the welfare of the United States of America making it the most progressive nation in the world. What can make one proud apart from realization of such a fact, this enough is enough to make those people who have doubts as to what their contribution can do to promptly make the necessary payment to this nation. (Kowalski, K 2005)

Taxes should not be seen as plague  that we look forward to avoid and evade at the slightest opportunity presented ,we should be very appreciative to be living in this nation where those who lived before us sacrificed every dollar they made to see us where we are today. Since we are fortunate enough to be making some income we should also help those who do not have gainful employment or live through hand to mouth to enjoy the benefits that the constitution guarantees.

It is giving back to the society for giving you such a golden chance to make income in a prevailing good environment. This will not only benefit the current generation but will also go a long way in ensuring that the future ones continue to be as prosperous as well. I may not like my contribution in form of income taxes being used to finance some senseless wars but for sure if it’s for a noble course I will happily make the necessary contribution knowing for sure that this money will benefit me and others in one way or another. (Blakey,R 2006)

Federal income taxes are justified as they are used in funding activities that are very vital in our society. The schools can not operate without the necessary equipment, though we pay the state taxes at times they may not be enough to finance all the activities needed so what would happen if my state can not generate the amount of money which is supposed to ensure that all the inhabitants get quality education should we just sit and see our children suffer since teachers have not been paid or the stationeries have not been paid as the money available is not enough. Such a situation would only happen if those proposing not to pay income tax to the federal government won the debate. It will be the darkest day in our country as those who are not privileged in the society will be left to suffer as we enjoy our incomes alone.( Blakey,R 2006)

There is a school of thought that propagates that the amount of taxes we pay to the government is too high. They may have a point but I believe America is the most democratic society in the world where everybody’s views are listened and respected at the same time. If they can air their grievances to the right authorities a solution may be found and the burden may be reduced so that they can continue contributing towards nation building.

The tax levied on the citizens and non citizens of America is used to pay for vital   services rendered  to the community. Some of these services may be out of reach to the majority of us. For example we all needed to be protected from the external agressional.This protection comes in form of having security forces in place ready to guard this country against any enemy who is a threat to the peace that we have always enjoyed. The defense system need to be equipped with modern equipment which can scare any enemy thinking of attacking this counrty.This all can not be in place if we as the citizens who require this protection do not come forward and meet our obligation to the government. Interstate highways and the systems we all need to connect all the corners of this nation, national libraries and other vital social services can not be in place if we do not remit the much needed dollars to the federal government.

It requires the will of the people to move forward, the history has judged our forefathers fairly for they were very patriotic lot where they paid their taxes as required so that their children and the future generation can be proud to enjoy the fruits they planted. This is a vital lesson that all of us should learn to embrace. How will our future generation judge us if we relegate our national duty to contribute to the prosperity that our past generation left. (Raymond, A and Davis,J 2005)

At times we may not like what the government does with our hard earned money such as financing  a war which many may feel as insensible or keeping military forces in some remote bases where we may not have any immediate interests as a country. We may not like the idea of federal government constructing bridges ,roads, interstate highways which lead to nowhere or construction of a shoddily built county courthouse at the great expense of our money. But in one way or another we all gain in some of these activities. The poor population will get the much needed services no matter how poor they are. The federal income tax will boost their lives in a way no other funds may achieve as they will get the services at a subsidized rate rather than going without them altogether, all this is courtesy of our portraying much love for our country and giving to Cesar  what belongs to him.( Raymond, A and Davis,J 2005)

Looking it from  another pesrspective,federal  income taxes have  supported several array of jobs at  different areas of  the economy in  many  geographical regions, this is from the law enforcement officers, firefighting force, universities staff who ensure that your children get decent education without being asked to pay extra money  to pay their teachers. It also includes the national guardsmen researchers who discover who come up with the various innovations which make this country the centre of excellence as far as the science field is concerned. All these people can not offer their services if the federal government does not have the money to pay  them ,this simply means if we do not pay the income tax someone who offers very important service to this country will not be employed. This will make everyone suffer as a result of lacking the important service. We can avoid all this if we portray the patriotism and honorably let the revenue collection authority get some money from what we earn.

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