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The Fatal Mistake Essay

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“This is Sweta’s book, she gave it to me”, she replied. “I never knew you read Daniel Steel? “, she glared at her. “Sweta told me that this was really an emotional story and I would love it”, she said. “Why did you come back early from college? “, she asked. “The lecturer was absent. Anyway one of my classmate is coming here today, he has some doubts in economics”, she said. “Which classmate? “, she asked. “You don’t know him, even I didn’t know that he stayed in our apartments till today”, she said.

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“Fine! I am going to Neha’s house, we have to do our homework together”, she said picking up her books.

“When will you be back? “, Kavita asked. “In an hour, I have to go for Badminton practice after that”, she said, she had goosebumps all over her when she thought of Nakul. “What is this new you have started, badminton practice daily? “, asked her sister. “Someone told me that I was good and should participate in the junior tournament in the colony, so he is just teaching me”, she said. “He? Who is this he? “, she asked. “He is the champion of our colony and he is coaching me now days, you should see him, he is great”, Mala said. “Eeks! Badminton, please I hate that game”, she said and got back to her books. “Yeah!

You can’t see anything apart from your books”, Mala said and walked out of the house. An hour later Mala came back from her friend’s house and saw that Kavita was clearing the table. “So did that boy come? “, Mala asked. “Yes he did, he just went a few seconds back”, she replied. “You should have made him wait, I would have met him too”, she grumbled. “He will come here daily till our exams, so you can see him some other time”, she said, going back to her room. “Fine, I am going for my practice, will be back in two hours or so”, Mala said and out she went. This time Nakul wasn’t there, so she started to practice on her own.

In another five minutes, Nakul came to the court. “Sorry, I am late”, he said. “No problem, what happened? “, she asked. “Actually my exams are coming, so I have to study. I am weak at a few subjects”, he said. “Fine”, she muttered, she didn’t even know what he studied or where he studied, she made a mental note of asking it later. The game went off even better than the previous day. After the two hours both of them were completely dead. “God! I just don’t feel like going home”, he said. “Why? “, she asked. “I just feel like playing with you the whole day, it is so much of fun.

Once you go home, you have to start studying the horrible subjects”, he said. She laughed. “What are you studying? “, she asked. “I am doing Final year Economics hons”, he said. “Great! Even my sister is doing that”, she said. “You have a sister, I didn’t know that. Doesn’t she play badminton? “, he asked. “She hates outdoor sports, she hardly comes out”, she said. “Oh! Mala I have to leave now, I am getting late for my tuitions”, he said. “Yeah bye! See you tomorrow”, she said. “Not tomorrow Mala, I have to take extra tuitions tomorrow, we will meet day after tomorrow”, he said. “Yeah fine”, she said looking dejected.

This time she didn’t run all the way home, rather she was quite upset. He could have taken out at least an hour for the practice. That night again she had that bad dream, but this time she could see a few more things. She could see that the gleaming thing was a sharp knife. She could see that the other person was poking the knife at Kavita. And before Kavita lost her consciousness she wrote something on a piece of paper, it looked like a name “alam”. Mala got up feeling quite nauseated. The dream felt so real that she was literally shaking in fright. Who was Alam? And who killed Kavita?

Why would anyone want to kill her? She would have to ask Kavita, who Alam was. The next day, Mala confronted Kavita. “Do you know any guy called Alam? “, she asked. “Alam? No I have never heard that name, why are you asking that? “, she asked. “Have you picked up a fight with someone? “, she asked. “No, but why are you asking me all that? “, she asked. “Nothing”, she got up. “Maybe what I am thinking is all wrong, maybe I am going mad”, she thought to herself. “Mala, I have bought something for you. I was at Lajpat Nagar today and I found something that you will love”, she said taking out a packet.

Mala gasped in shock, it was a blue bag with Snow White on it. She held on to the bag, nervously. She had become completely pale. “Did you like it? I thought your bag has become really old, so I bought this for you”, Kavita said. “Thanks I love it”, she managed to say. She thought over her dream once again. The murder weapon would be in her bag or maybe she was the one who took the weapon from the bag. Would she try to kill Kavita? ” But why? Why would I kill my own sister? What is happening “, she looked really scared. The next day was no out of usual. Mala was worried the whole day.

She kept thinking about her dream again and again. When she came home in afternoon she lay tiredly on the bed. She soon dozed off. When she got up it was four in the evening. “Oh, I am missing my badminton practice……. oh Nakul is not coming today”, she sighed in relief and again lay on the bed. She could hear Kavita in the hall. She was with her classmate, teaching him. Mala got up and freshened up, then she came out of the room to go to the kitchen. On the way she passed the hall and she stood for a while to see the guy, Kavita was teaching. Her heart took a double jump, as soon as she saw him.

Nakul…….. Nakul was in Kavita’s class and she is teaching him. She quietly walked into the hall. “Hi Mala! Come meet Nakul, he is in my class and Nakul, she is my sister Mala”, she said introducing them. “Hi Mala, I didn’t know that you were Kavita’s sister”, he said. “Hi and I didn’t know that you were Kavita’s classmate”, she said with a smile. “Excuse me! Am I missing something? Do you people know each other? “, Kavita asked. “Yes, I told you about the champion who coaches me for badminton, Nakul is the one”, Mala said. “Oh Great! I didn’t know that”, she said.

“I should say that Mala is great, you should just see her playing”, Nakul said. “I have heard that you are a champion, I should see you playing sometimes too”, Kavita said with a smile. “I have called her so many times to see my play and she never came and now she will see Nakul playing”, Mala thought, as a tinge of jealously hit her. “I am not a champion, you are the champion of the college, you should see your grades”, he told Kavita. “Oh please Nakul, stop that”, she said giving him a shove. “Kavi, don’t be so modest dear”, he smiled. Mala stared at them strangely.

“Even she didn’t call her Kavi, who was he to call her that way and anyway the hell was she behaving like this with him? “. “I am tired, let’s go out for a Pepsi”, Nakul asked Kavita. “Yeah Sure! Mala would you like to join us? “, she asked. She stared at them. She felt that they didn’t want her to join, Nakul didn’t even ask her. “No, I am a little busy. You guys go on”, she said. “Fine! Come Kavi, let’s go”, he said. “He looks so happy that I am not going. We have practiced so hard, didn’t he ever feel like going in for a Pepsi break with me”, she was really pissed off.

She walked into her room without even saying bye to them. She sat on the bed and the scene flashed through her mind again. The way both of them were looking at each other and talking to each other. “Was there something going on between them? He looks quite impressed with Kavita and who isn’t? She always impresses everyone with her sweet talking and her flirtatious attitude. But why Nakul, why couldn’t she have just left Nakul for me? I loved Nakul, God! Why does this happen to me always? I will have to talk to her”, she thought. That night their parents were not at home, so this was the perfect time Mala could talk to Kavita.

“Kavita we need to talk”, she said gravely. “Yeah, what’s up? “, she said, looking up from her novel. “From when do you know Nakul? “, she asked. “I told you he is my classmate, I know him from three years”, she replied. “Are you close to him? “, she asked. “What sort of question is that? He is a good friend of mine”, she said. “Good Friend! You are having an affair with him”, she screamed. “Oh yeah! I am having am affair with him”, she said sarcastically. “Please Kavita! Don’t make a joke of it. You have snatched away everything from me but not this time. I won’t allow Nakul to fall into your trap”, she roared.

“What nonsense are you talking? What trap? And what do you know about Nakul? “, she asked. “I know that I love him, I truly love him. My love is not an infatuation, I have loved him for four years and now when I am about to get him, you are playing your tricks”, she shouted. “Mala you are completely out of your mind, Nakul can never love you”, she said. “Oh yes! And why not? Because you love him and want him, you can’t do this to me, you can’t. I won’t let him go away from me”, she looked really flared up. “Listen Mala! You don’t know a thing about Mala, he will never love you because….

“, before she could complete her sentence, Mala had poked the knife she had brought in her bag into her stomach. Kavita gasped in horror. She turned and tossed in pain. She had a pen in hand and in the book she wrote “mala” , It’s mirror reflection when Mala saw looked like “alam”. Kavita lay dead in a few seconds. Mala quietly cleaned all the fingerprints from the knife and kept it over the body. Then minutes later she screamed. Hearing her all the neighbours rushed to the house. Mala ran out like a mad girl and soon the police had arrived. Mala was in no condition to speak, everyone knew that she had loved her sister so much.

The police registered the case as a robbery cum murder, the thief had come to rob the place but Kavita saw him and in order to save him he killed Kavita. All the while Mala was in the hall watching her favourite cartoon “Snow White”. A week later, everything came back to normal. Mala again started to practice badminton with Nakul. That day Nakul had come with a friend of his. He introduced him to Mala. “Mala, this is Yash, my boyfriend”, he said. “Hi Yash, Nakul why did you refer to him as your boyfriend, you could have called him your friend. Boyfriend seems so weird”, she said. Nakul looked towards Yash and he smiled back.

“Mala you have become a good friend of mine so I wouldn’t hide it from you. He is my boyfriend, I am a gay”, he said frankly. Mala looked stoned. She froze to her bones. She ran all the way to her house and sat on the bed. Kavita was so right, “Kavita I am so sorry, I am so sorry….. you were right….. He could never love me…… he could never love me”, Mala cried. Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Miscellaneous section.

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