The fast –food industry Essay

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The fast –food industry

1. The fast –food industry is changing rapidly. What significant changes do you envision for this industry in the area in which you live during the next five years? As well as this it will explore the issues about what type of multi-nationals should do in order to succeed in the fast-food business. For example, technologies play important roles nowadays, so people believe that the advance technology gadgets will take over the “old-fashioned” machine that they are using now. Smartphone will automatically place an order. For example, peoples can order the food before they reach the restaurant, after they reached the restaurant they can just scan the code and get the food that they ordered earlier. It is a faster and convenient ways for people who go to work, school or other destinations overview of the Modeled Behavior (2011).

2. Why do you believe the fast-food chain red rooster was unable to thrive and grow when it was part of a large national retail chain?

there will be growth in the number of fast food restaurant which offer more job opportunities to people. “Many of today’s entry level workers will be part of the management team of fast food restaurants in just a few years.” As the teenagers nowadays can work faster and reach the management level quickly. As hiring can make fast food grow successfully is because hiring the right workers can help to grow the business. Workers are having cooperation when they are working and they build a team work.

3. Marketing plan for red rooster fast-food chain should be realistic

Red Rooster is a leading Australian-owned quick service restaurant, committed to providing innovative products that are consumer and lifestyle focused. We aim to exceed our customer expectations on quality, value, service and hygiene

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