The Fall of Richard Nixon Essay

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The Fall of Richard Nixon

Theodore White is one of the most sought after history writers about the inner details on presidential issues that covered the American history. The political background of different issues that covered the inner cases of the president’s life, during and after their administration in the US is something that is one of the most important features of the writings of this particular author. One of the most important written works of White is that of the book entitled Breach of Faith: The Fall of Richard Nixon. This reading naturally focuses on the process on how Richard Nixon failed to bring the American society at the brim of its dreams.

Summary and Content In his first State of the Union Message, the 37th president of the United States, Richard M. Nixon, placed “first priority” on world peace and a “just” settlement of the war in Vietnam. But his major preoccupation was the state of America. Commenting on his speech, the New York Times said: “His picture was of a nation robbed of its natural heritage by human and industrial carelessness, cheated of the dividends of economic growth by inflation, poorly served by a proliferating Federal apparatus, and threatened by crime and the growth in population.

” Nixon’s theme was best expressed perhaps in a rhetorical question. “In the next ten years we shall increase our wealth by 50 percent,” he said. “The profound question is—does this mean that we will be 50 percent richer in a real sense, 50 percent better off, 50 percent happier? ” Does the record of the past ten years provide a sound basis for answering, Yes? The majority of the nation’s peoples who live in metropolitan areas choked by traffic, suffocated by smog, poisoned by water, deafened by noise and terrorized by crime see little reason for great optimism. After reelection, American president Richard M.

Nixon pledged to work to end “the whole era of permissiveness” in the United States. He declared: “We have passed through a very great spiritual crisis in this country,” and says that the Vietnam war was “only part of the problem. ” It was also reported that Mr. Nixon intends to restructure the Federal government. Many believe that the moves the president intends to make could increase his power while diminishing that of the Cabinet. A domestic crisis exists in the United States. In 1968 Richard Nixon at the climax of his presidential campaign adopted the slogan, “Bring Us Together.

” Now, a year and a half later, says a news report from Washington, D. C. , “Americans are so torn apart, so savage toward each other, that the president and Mrs. Nixon, obviously for safety reasons, were prevailed on to cancel trips around the country. ” “The country,” said Mayor Lindsay of New York, “is virtually on the edge of a spiritual—and perhaps even a physical—breakdown. ” Historian Arnold Toynbee commented: “The American people seem to be moving rapidly towards civil war: middle-aged noncombatants against young men subject to the draft; the affluent against the poor; white against black, students against the National Guard .

.The decision on the American home-front is going to decide the fate of the world, and the rest of us can do nothing about it. We have no say, but we, too, are going to be victims of America’s domestic agony. ” Overall Critique It could not be denied that with the written work of White, it could be observed that he was able to decipher the different elements of the Nixon administration that has placed it in a situation that has caused it to fail in giving America the rightful dream that they want to realize.

It could be observed that through this written work, it is not that hard to understand how the Nixon administration set a sample to the coming administrations as to what needs to be done and what needs to be avoided to be able to come up with the most effective policies that are made to make the entire society succeed towards its realization of the future truth of it dreams’ fulfillments.

Furthermore, this book also notes the implication of the Nixon administration towards the exploration of American politics as per noted and recognized as an important part of the American society. There’s a lot of hypocrisy . . . and so forth in political life,” said former U. S. President Richard Nixon in a recent TV interview. “It’s necessary in order to get into office and in order to retain office.

” In speaking about political campaigning, he said: “As a candidate, you have to dissemble, you have to recognize that you can’t say what you think about an individual because you may have to use him or need him sometime in the future. ” He felt that when a politician or a president says something he does not believe, it should not be viewed as lying; it is just a part of politics. References: Theodore H. White. (1975). Breach of Faith: The Fall of Richard Nixon. Scribner; 1st edition.

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