The fall of man and The death of Christ Essay

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The fall of man and The death of Christ

In this first reflection paper I will be discussing “the fall of man” and “the death of Christ. ” I chose these two because I feel as though they go well together. The fall of man represents sin being introduced to man, and the death of Christ is where the opportunity to be forgiven of sin is presented. Although I have heard these stories many times before this course has enlightened me on a more in depth look of them both.

As mentioned before I have heard the stories, but now I have a better understanding, more detail, and I am definitely able to apply the facts to my life, and they both will continue to help me in my walk with Christ. Because of this better understanding I will also be able to help others by telling them about sin, but also letting them know that they can be forgiven. Theological definition The first topic I will discuss is the fall of man, theologically this is the point when sin is introduced to man by the disobedience of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Biblical foundation This story which can be found in the book of Genesis; specifically Genesis 1-13 starts off with Satan entering in the Garden of Eden as a serpent. Because Adam and Eve are familiar with this creature it does not seem odd to them. He started off by talking to Eve and first tempting her to disobey God and his stipulations. By doing so he makes it seem as though God’s rules are basically ridiculous. He began to put doubt into her mind concerning the word of God, until he finally gets her to disobey him.

Eventually Adam falls into this same temptation, causing all mankind to be born into sin. Practical application When I think about the way Satan convinces Eve to disobey God, I relate this to other real life situations as well. Sometimes in our Christian journey we may become tempted and our circumstances may make us doubt God. This doubt eventually leads to disobeying him. I believe that is why the scripture that says to watch the company you keep is so important. This story helps to keep in mind how it’s easy to get distracted and take advice from the wrong people.

In this life I have learned that it is easy to try and do things my way, but this is a lesson how in everything I do, God should be the leader. If you listen to God before anyone else he will never stir you wrong. Theological definition The death of Christ is how god demonstrated his love for us, we were all born as sinners but because he wanted to give us a second chance he died for us. Biblical foundation The bible explains how Jesus demonstrated his love for us by dying on the cross for us. There are also scriptures that point out how Christ knew his death would come for that very reason.

A quote from the Death of Christ excerpt says; “In one sense, every person who is born will ultimately die, but the birth of Christ was different from other men for many reasons, primarily because Christ came into the world for a purposeful, predicted and productive death. His death was not simply the termination of His life, because His death was purposefully for others; because His death was predictive, for Christ was the Lamb slain before the foundation of the earth; and because His death was productive in bringing eternal life to many.

Just as the life of Jesus Christ changed mankind, so His death changed the makeup of eternity and Heaven. ” So the although Adam and eve made a huge mistake we still have the opportunity to live eternally with Christ Jesus. Practical application Whenever I look back at the stories of the life of Christ and what he did for mankind, this is always a constant reminder of how I owe him my life since he gave his for me. This is the main story I use when trying to draw others to Christ.

If someone is willing to die for you I believe that shows love and beyond. Because of this I am encouraged to take out time in my life to give back to him. When I am faced with sin and adversity I know that I have the opportunity to repent. But because of this story I am more willing to stay away from sin. During those times when I feel like I am falling I know that I have someone who cares enough to bring me back up.

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