The factors that influence the well being of children and young people

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The factors that influence the well being of children and young people

The well being of children can depend on many things. Having a good positive mental attitude to life is very important and there are many factors that can determine how we feel and how we think. Building good relationships with family members and friends can have a good outcome on how children feel and can help build a good self esteem and a good sense of who they are. Having emotional security is beneficial to a child so that they know they are loved , wanted and needed.

We need to promote a well balanced diet so that children are well nourished with plenty of exercise. Make sure we teach children about good hygiene like everyday things such as washing and brushing teeth regularly. Making sure dentist and doctor appointments are made and kept so that their general health is kept up to date and promote a good sleep pattern so that they have plenty of rest. Explain the importance of resilience for children and young people

A resilient child is often a child who is strong and unaffected by changes around them unless they choose to be. They will become unaffected by different or new situations and will be able to handle them better. A child who has come from a loving family with strong emotional attachments are given a good sense of security. They will have good knowledge of their culture and will tend to know who they are and where they have come from.

They will be more resilient toward negativity and winning or being good at everything will not be a priority to them but a bonus if achieved. If a child feels insecure about things they will find it difficult and may not experience everything they need to experience to get on in life. The well being of a child can be affected by resilience so a good sense of well being is needed and should include their physical and emotional health.


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