The Factors That Affect The Academic Perfomance Essay

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The Factors That Affect The Academic Perfomance

Not only provide them with sufficient materials they need, they even teach their children to aim high, develop their goals and objective and value their studies. On the contrary if they are neglected at home they will usually suffer such consequences of low morality and attitude that includes the sense of worthlessness to appreciate school and their studies, Others look to the career that pays them the highest salary. As said in the article: “Although education is not the only road to success in the working world, much effort is made to identify, evaluate, track and encourage the progress of students in schools. Parents care about their child’s academic performance because they believe good academic results will provide more career choices and job security. Numerous variables that affected the choice process were examined in an attempt to understand and ultimately to affect that process. Researchers surveyed students and others involved to determine factors of influence. Most… Achievement of students in schools has been the concern of school authorities.

Several solutions have been offered in order to improve the quality of instruction. Some of these prove to be effective for some time, but later new innovations are introduced thus sometimes affect the teaching-learning situations in the classrooms. Since researchers are future science teachers, there is a desire to determine what are the factors that affect student’s achievement are. The researchers want to conduct a thorough investigation to come up with a possible solution to the problem regarding the science achievement of freshmen students. In view of this line of thinking, the present study is motivated to look into the factors affecting the achievement of freshmen college students in science which might affect the…Mathematics is one of the subjects taught in school. In our everyday life we encounter Math; some find it interesting but still many find it difficult and even despise it. It is commonly perceived to be difficult. Attitude towards mathematics plays a crucial role in the teaching and learning processes of mathematics. Researchers concluded that positive attitude towards mathematics leads students towards success in mathematics.

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