The Face of the Terrorist Essay

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The Face of the Terrorist

A faceless enemy. It has been eights years after the September 11 attack in the United States of America. Several people died and it was also the same time when the Unites States of America government contemplate on how the terrorists look like. Terrorists had been faceless for all we know and we do not even have any idea about them until Osama bin Laden was identified by Bush.

The knowledge about terrorism and terrorists has been very limited but in some occasions and in present, the internet was able to give face to the faceless enemy and as soon as Bush gave bin Laden’s name, it was the start of identifying more faces of the enemy. In this paper, the author ought to explain terrorism and the face of terrorists wherein images from online sources and references are presented by the author to justify what she was pertaining to in line with terrorist’s face. Using Racialist, Sexism and Fascism ways, the author explained her argument and gave a face to the nameless enemy.

At the same time, it was not the face of the enemies alone that was tackled in this paper but also the different faces of terror which was marked when Al Qaeda, the name given to Osama bin Laden’s organization as western and media name attacked United States of America. Considering the primitive years wherein pictures are not yet existing, identification of someone, probably a suspect or a colleague is hard to do and the mind was the only one who does the job of recognizing culprits and acquaintances.

In present generation, mug shots are used to identify criminals and soon after to relate them with one another to solve a certain crime. Offerings several incidents and examples, the author named and identified when a terror becomes and terror and how those who were victims became the terrorists. As she presented two faces of people, the victim and the terrorist, it seems that these two can trade places and with sacrifice and revenge present, it is not impossible to have another kind of terror from a different kind of terrorists.

Stereotyping was of course an unfair act and yet, we cannot help but guard ourselves from people who have turbans on their heads and all bearded like Santa Claus, only that they were not the good ones. America might be too cautious to a person who has a diaper on their head and a fan belt in it and decide to pull them off (Engle, 2009) but we can never blame them, after all, the leader of Al Qaeda looks like that and although there are heroes presented, they should also be cautious about what they were doing because defacement is much easier than being really the good ones. Critique

Karen Engle’s analysis of the faces of terrors and the terrorists allow us to understand the distinction and the stereotypes made by the people, especially those in the government to identify them as crime promoters and culprits. An analysis that gives light to the unknowns in present and the many questions arising from the attacks, both previous and recent ones, this article was informational enough to be endorsed to people of any age, except to those who were still too young to understand that in this world, safe is not safe until we are sure of the people we are dealing with.

While we can consider the victims as real victims, looking on the other side of the story, we will understand that they are not victims until the end. As long as there are revenge and sacrifice, it will be easy to understand that people, terrorist or not are capable of doing anything that can terrorize people around them. This paper had served as a lesson to be learned that allows the readers to be open minded and to stop stereotyping people. List of References Engle, Karen. The Face of a Terrorist. Sage Publications. Online Version from http://csc. sagepub. com/cgi/reprint/7/4/397

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