The Expansion of Blue Streak Essay

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The Expansion of Blue Streak

1. What suggestions would you offer Art to improve his operations?

I would suggest to him that he needs to set up a management training program for his new managers before giving them their own store to operate. Have new managers shadow him in the main store so they get a feel on how he wants things to run. Have a procedures manual made up to have in all the stores for a quick reference on common situations. Before the mew manager stats he must now exactly what Art wants and how he wants his stores ran. With technology today Art should be able to see how everything is running from day to day. He may need to invest in some software that will connect all the stores to the main office to give him the complete overview of all the stores. The training should give him a good start with his managers and the software will help him see situation before they may get out of hand.

2. What management skills must Art master if he is to resolve his problems and continue to grow? Which of the categories from the textbook relate to these skills?

I think for Art he will need to work on his Human Relations skills. He is not giving his managers clear guidance on how he wants his store to be ran. He is trying to run them all himself and not training the new managers. The next skill I think he should work on is his Technical skills. With all the technology out there he should not have any trouble seeing almost everything that is going on in the other stores from his own office. He can even set up biweekly meeting via web cams. As for the categories that the skills fall in, I would have to say that there is three that Art needs to concentrate on. The first one would be Leading.

He needs to work on communicating with his employees and providing guidance so they can perform their jobs at the level Art would like them to be. The next one would be Planning. Art needs to give clear goals that he wants the company to achieve as well as the actions he feels will accomplish those goals. And the last one I feel Art should work on would be controlling. Art need to be able to track the progress of the company’s goals and projects to make positive they stay on track. By Art working on these three categories I think he would solve the problems he is having and grow his business even more.

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