The existence of God Essay

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The existence of God

One of life’s unanswered questions is about the existence of God. There has been an endless search for evidence of his life and handiwork. The dawn of the universe for instance, has been subjected to many theories like the big bang theory and the divine theory but no matter what people believe in one thing is for sure; there has been and always will be a search as evidenced by the following: One question which inevitably comes up in a discussion of this nature is what the origin of God is?

If God created matter/energy and designed the systems that have propelled matter into its present arrangement, who or what accomplished that for God? Why is it any more reasonable to believe that God has always been than it is to say that matter has always been? As Carl Sagan has said, “If we say that God has always been, why not save a step and conclude that the universe has always been? (Sagan cited in Clayton 2008). Throughout the ages, mankind has always been in search of a being far greater that himself. Some of the ways in which this search is manifested is through different religions, through science and through nature.

Man has always been craving to identify himself with a greater being to which he deeply wants to have a connection with. This paper aims to let those people know that they are not alone in their venture and that no matter what happens man will always find a way to bond with their origin. Man can do things or go to high or peaceful places to try and feel the security of being closer to God or any great being for that matter. Some people give so much respect to nature because they feel that it is an extension or an outward manifestation of the evidence of that God or greater being that they hold on to so much.

Some people like to discover the mystery of astronomy and the universe is because of the experience of tranquility and serenity. Four hundred years ago, Galileo looked at the heavens through a telescope and saw things no one had ever seen before. Our new star show uses the amazing Zeiss Universarium star projector to reveal the beauty and wonder of the night sky. Most of us still see the sky today as our ancestors did – with our unaided eyes. From Earth, it’s hard to understand why the sky looks and behaves the way it does.

But Galileo’s historic observations, and the era of modern science they ignited, changed all that. From Los Angeles today, we’ll take you back to Padua, Italy in 1609, so you can experience for yourself how the telescope changed everything (griffithobs. org 2009). There is such a place with an observatory and hotel which is built exactly for reconnection with people, with nature and with God. This place exists to meet not only the daily accommodation needs of the people but more importantly to aid in mankind’s continuous mission to find a way to be one step closer to that greater being be it God or not.

Truly, the wonders and mysteries of the whole universe will forever be locked in Pandora ’s Box with man always guessing the whole of its contents armed with a little bit of knowledge and a whole lot of faith. Why such little knowledge despite the modernized technology? It is because no matter how advanced science the world of today has, no one has ever fully explored the ends of the universe nor anybody can prove or disprove the existence of God.

Whether he is a figment of one’s imagination or he is an ever-faithful, omnipresent, omnipotent and omnicient God who is watching over the earth will forever be mystery of the mind and of substantial evidence but not of the heart and soul. As Albert Einstein once said “There are two ways to live your life, one is as though nothing is a miracle, the other is as though everything is a miracle” . References Clayton. J. N. , (2008). Who Created God?. Does God Exist. Retrieved 04 / 01/09 from www. doesgodexist. org/Pamphlets/WhoCreatedGod. html www. griffithobs. org/ 2009

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