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The Evolution of Charles Darwin

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (313 words)
Categories: Biology, Evolution, Evolution Of Man, Science, Social Darwinism, The Principle Of Population Malthus
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In chapter two we elaborated on the evolution constructing a fundamental scientific theory. Charles Darwin was one of the most important geologists/biologists in my opinion. Charles Darwin was heavy on five scientific disciplines of his time and they were geology, paleontology, taxonomy and systematics, demography, and biology.

Geology which consists of study of the earth’s structure, history and how it got to be the way it is now. Some interesting facts that we know are things like the world is four point six billion years old, the surface of earth has changed because of different things like earthquakes for example.

Another man we owe for knowing amazing things like this is James Hutton. James Hutton was one of the first to study wind, rain things like this and that’s how he calculated the earth’s age this idea called uniformitarianism. Another man part of this move is Charles Lyell who rediscovered James Hutton’s idea and also calculated the earth’s age.

We also elaborated on Paleontology dealing with the fossils, animals, and plants. Robert Hooke came up with the idea that fossils were left here from ancient life. Georges cuvier was a man who studied fossils who came up with the idea that earthquakes or volcano eruptions can lead to mass extinction. Taxonomy and systematics was the study of organisms and putting them into their groups of biological relationships.

Charles Darwin realized the need for taxonomy but before him many had already discovered that. Carl von linne developed the system still used today known as binomial nomenclature. Demography is the study of population size things in that nature. Charles Darwin returned to england and read many books but one author that caught his eye was Thomas Malthus. Charles Malthus talked about how the population is limited on food and the struggle for food which creates the competition for food this idea was called lamarckian inheritance.

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