The Ever Evasive Justice and Equality in Our Society

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Obviously I am taking this course in part to fulfill my Social Work degree requirements, but the lessons we will learn in this course hold true in our society today and have held true in our society’s history. I am taking this course to understand what life is like for the oppressed. I want to learn about their struggle from their side of the fence so I can appropriately work with my clients who will be oppressed themselves. I believe the lessons we will learn are valuable not only to just to Social Work majors, but to humankind.

There is always a group in need of advocacy and learning about injustice and oppression will only help to better serve my clients. The people I will be working with, for instance, will be the sex trafficked and prostitutes. These men, women, and children are voiceless. These people are ultimately oppressed. They are sucked into a trap and arrested for it. Hopefully, I will be able to step in and advocate for their justice.

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As much as I’d like to think injustice and oppression are not permanently engrained into our culture and society, it seems as though it is. We as humans cannot create the perfect society.

There has always been the population living in oppression and those who have not. There are special perks the very well to do have that due to lack of opportunity and oppression, the poor simply do not have access to. This leads to the question of can a perfect society be achieved?Again, I’d like to think that justice and equality could be experienced by all.

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But unfortunately, our culture is so mixed, it seems impossible to assure this for everyone. As social workers, we can advocate and assist those in need and those who are oppressed, but it seems very difficult for humankind to work out the kinks in our culture.

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