The Future Organization

The escalated pace of change over the past ten years has been breathtaking .Competition has heated up across the board. To achieve prosperity, the future organization must deliver clients better, establish new advantages and survive in hardly challenged markets. To remain competitive, firms must do away with work and processes that boosts the outcome which invalidated the basic assumptions of sustainable markets.

There are few companies that have escaped this shift in competitiveness. Entry barriers, which once applied a sustained force on competition, have fallen in the face of the rapid changes of the information age.

These forces have challenged our capacity to deal with organizational life needed. Managing change adequately wants an understanding of the variables at play, and suitable time must be allowed for implementation.

Additionally, we shall research plans of actions that could provide to successfully manage changes, the capability to change continually and successfully is considered to be vital to any organization’s durability. The need for ongoing change requires an organizational ability to learn on a continual basis in a coordinated and progressive way (Zorn et al.

, 2000). This has been largely considered to be a significant factor in the private sector’s ability to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage.

Continuous learning processes with enhanced capacities for change are linked to the importance of past experiences and the transfer of knowledge as factors in organizational learning (Allen et al., 2007). Research by Diane Skinner (2004) brings these concepts together by noting the importance of “knowledge acquisition processes and the need for organizations to share knowledge and learning as a way to maintain a competitive advantage” (p.

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