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The Era of Technology Essay

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For some people the speed of the change in technology is frustratingly fast and the only people that seem to understand it are the technologists. But has technology changed the way we live or hindered the way learn. The changes to technology have seemed to benefit not just technologists but every person around the world. If you have communicated with a loved one on the other side of the world without it costing a small fortune, had surgery to replace or repair a body part that was worn out, or are a business owner who is able to sell products and services around the world and not just in your town, then you have benefited from technological change. The way that our children learn about ideas, our world learns about each other, or our clients learn about us, is all a product of the especially fast change in technology over the past 20 years. Electronics are what leads us into the next “age”.

Electronics have made our lives easier, starting from calculators, computers, TVs, etc. Most of items in today’s society require us to complete them electronically. It seems that every other week there is another announcement about a new piece of technology claiming to “change the way we live”. It is easy to see the way that technology itself has changed – just consider the office machines that were used when you first started work or the electronic equipment that was in your house when you were growing up. Every day our lives are changed by technology that rapidly moves on, if by no other force than necessity and the intelligence of those creating the next great thing. It seems to give us just a small amount of time to breathe between software updates.

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There was once a famous writer, Henry Thoreau. His philosophy insisted on that we live life as simply as possible. Also he believed that if we live life simple that the human race would be superior when it came to knowledge. In his book, Walden, he mentions quotes that justify my statement. The quotes were: “Our lives are frittered away with detail…….Simplify, Simplify, Simplify!!!” In a way I agree with Thoreau, that we would be more knowledge if we would simplify our lives. Also I do believe that technology has helped us when it comes to medicine and science. Has technology changed who you are or just what you do and the way you live your life? Or has it not affected you or your life at all? Or maybe, just maybe, it has even helped change who you are?

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