The Era of Good Feelings Essay

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The Era of Good Feelings

The Era of Good Feelings after the War of 1812 was a time where many rejoiced in the decision that the war had ended. On the other hand many saw it as a burden and felt as if they carried the brunt and financial deficit that it caused. Prior to the war, Britain and the United States decided to sign a treaty and stop the fighting because Russia wanted the British to stop fighting so they could help Russia to fight the French. Within this treaty America didn’t gain or lose anything to the British, establishing a patriotic sense in the Americas.

An historical painting by John Krimmel depicts a group people celebrating together as one showing their nationalistic attitude. Solders are waving hats, children are running and playing and women are having a good tome celebrating. Document B by John C. Calhoun also depicts the Nationalist behavior of this it address the issue to stay united and that disunion will weaken their rapid growth and advancement. Document G the letter from Anna Hayes Johnson to her cousin in North Carolina shows the events that were taking place at this time Anna compares the depiction during the war to the painting a St. Domingo, which shows a naval Battle scene. She shares with her cousin that even though some leaders were on trial and executed they were still sticking together and carry out the work they started.

Even though the nationalist of this time were feeling a federal sense, power and unity the sectionalist were feeling separation from the nation. Document A by John Randolph states the disgruntle feelings of the agriculturalists. They felt that they carried the boundary of the war while everyone else rejoiced for the ending of the war. Document E is a density map of 1820 showing the population scattered throughout the U.S with no real state having a over whelming amount of people.

Document F written by Thomas Jefferson to John Randolph on 1870 says that the fight may be over for now, but it’s not completely over. He states that the anger that people held “will never be obliterated”, but with every irritation will make it worse. Document I shows the presidential election of 1824 splitting the county into sections based on votes, and shows just how divided the country was. Each state voted for a different candidate for the most part.

According to the documents the statement Era of Good Feelings was accurate if you were a nationalist many people had the conclusion of the war by rebuilding the country became a burden for many far as the agriculturalist, who believed that financial struggle became something their taxation was going to settle. So labeling this as an “Era of Good Feelings” is an accurate statement for some, but not for all.

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