The Epitome of Public Service Essay

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The Epitome of Public Service

The Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, as Sandra McElwaine puts it, has had her stint with the news media for looking a bit more refreshed, the pseudo-acronym for plastic surgery . Pelosi’s refreshed look tells the story of a firm character and a patriot’s dedicated service to a nation with no sign of giving up characterized by the absence of veins of strain on her magnificent face. The glamorous grandma, as it is obviously illustrated with her sharp present-eyes that would pierce anyone who poses opposition for the pro-Jew democrat is magnificent despite her age with her seamless features .

Pelosi comes from a family with a strong tradition in public service. Thomas D’Alessandro, Jr. , Pelosi’s father, after representing the city of Baltimore in Maryland for five congressional terms, also went on to serve as its mayor for twelve years. Thomas D’Alessandro III, her brother, followed in her father’s footsteps as he served as the city’s mayor as well. She graduated from Washington’s Trinity College in 1962 and together with her husband Paul Pelosi, they have five children: Alexandra, Jacqueline, Christine, Nancy Corinne and Paul.

Pelosi has represented the eighth district of California in the United States House of Representatives. The eighth district consists most of San Francisco City which includes Chinatown, Golden Gate Park, Fisherman’s Wharf as well as many of the numerous neighborhoods adding up to San Francisco community’s vibrancy as well as prosperity. The current House Speaker has led campaigns for the increase of educational opportunities for young Americans as well as campaigns for the protection of employees.

Additionally, Pelosi has been extremely vocal on legislations that promote health care, especially women’s health as well as the creation of a nationwide health-tracking-network that was aimed at assessing the connection between chronic diseases and environmental pollutants. Moreover Pelosi has also led efforts aimed at increasing investments in health as well as health related research whereupon she has secured financial support that doubled the National Institutes of Health’s budget .

Together with the help of other representatives, Pelosi has prevailed against efforts aimed at reducing funding for international family planning programs. The creation of housing opportunities for individuals living with HIV/Aids ranks among Pelosi’s major legislative victories. Additionally, she has also been at the forefront of accelerating the development of an HIV vaccine as well as the expansion of access to Medicaid for individuals who have been infected by the deadly virus. Moreover, the speaker was also at the forefront in the house campaign that saw funding for Ryan White CARE Act increased.

Other programs that have also seen her staunch support include the Minority HIV/AIDS Initiative in addition to other critical programs to people infected with HIV/AIDS. Her passion for improved health services to the American public has also seen her successfully increase access to health insurance for disabled Americans by way of ensuring that they are continuously covered with a healthcare policy . Moreover Pelosi was also a vehement force in the passage of legislation that saw nonprofit organizations assisted in the creation of affordable housing.

As a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) for the longest continuous time of service in the history of the committee (ten years) which also include two years as a Ranking Democrat, she worked to guarantee military commanders as well as policymakers access to accurate and timely intelligence critical for directing diplomatic initiatives as well as success during combat and protection of American forces. Pelosi’s service to the Public has not been limited to American soil as she has also been vocal in meetings the world over with both American as well as foreign intelligence leaders.

In this regard, Pelosi has called for increased attention to the danger that America and the international community is exposed to with the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction including nuclear as well as biological threats . In a move that finalized her passion for public service, Pelosi led congressional reviews of American security and intelligence agencies whereupon she authored legislation aimed at creating an autonomous national commission to examine the federal government’s performance before, during as well as after the September 11 attacks.

Pelosi’s virtue and humanity is resplendent and reflective in her advocacy for human rights around the world. This is especially evident with her brutal but intelligent fights for the improvement of human rights in China, especially in the context of her tying of America’s commerce with China to the communist state’s human rights record. The peak of her human rights stints with China has to be her efforts to free Tibetans. Just as the environment and the public are two symbiotic aspects inextricably bound, Pelosi’s service to the public is not complete without shades of environmental efforts .

She secured the passage of a stipulation within the International Development and Finance Act of 1989. In this act, the World Bank as well as all regional multilateral development banks is required to assess likely environmental effects of all development projects they finance. Additionally, the said institutions are required to make these assessments available publicly. This Pelosi tool has evolved as a critical tool for foreign and indigenous non-governmental organizations in the world. Work Cited Page

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