The Environmental Burden of Overpopulation

Research supports overpopulation as one of the biggest environmental problems of the world. The world population is increasing exponentially meaning the rate of increase will continue as population rises. The earth will not be able to sustain the human race. Population control may seem like the easiest answer to solve this crisis but presents moral issues and possibility of conflict. This problem must be dealt with in a humane way. . I believe the best way to start preventing overpopulation is to educate females in developing countries We need to prevent barriers and promote access to birth control in developing countries, and provide micro loans to women in the third world.

All this would be for an effort to reduce fertility and decrease infant mortality. I also believe the American government should be involved. They should lobby for education and expiration, sell by and use dates to the general public to prevent Americans from wasting food.

This is all to reduce waste and prevent overconsumption, which makes a large population even harder to sustain in the long run.

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The worlds population is growing exponentially and statistics estimate the human population outstripped the carrying capacity of the Earth approximately forty years ago. People must reduce their impact on the planet through curbing overconsumption, focusing on education, and achieving population stability in developing nations. Overpopulaiton cause increased air and water pollution, further destruction of wildlife habitats, unrecoverable deforestation and depletion of natural resources in quick fashion.

This will amplify our current environmental problems because more people mean more greenhouse gasses, more waste, faster consumption of resources and need for more living space.

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Solutions to achieving stability in population lie in good planning. Attempting to ensure every child born is planned for and wanted is a good starting place. All people, but especially women of childbearing age, should be educated about planning a family and have access to birth control and good medical care. In third world countries, there is much that could be done to bring about a decline in birth rates. Some of these women have many children because of the high neonatal death rates so ensuring clean water, vaccinations, adequate nutrition and medical care would increase survival and reduce the need for large families. Many of the women are oppressed and providing a voice for them through delaying the marrying age, educating them as girls and supporting them as matriarchs by providing small loans to start businesses, would increase the control they have and likely reduce family size. If quality of life increases with these changes, then population stability can be achieved in a humane way.

The burden of population control is primarily on third world countries but if the first world countries with slower birth rates would not encumber the world with gross overconsumption of food, water, and natural resources, the Earth could tolerate a greater number of humans. Overpopulation presents a challenge we must answer quickly or our dwindling resources and space will allow nature to demand a solution, which will not be on our terms. The answer lies in reducing birth rates, primarily in third world countries, by providing better quality of life.

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