The Enlightenment Essay

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The Enlightenment

Today we will examine the seven points made about the enlightenment that we have read in this chapter. We will also go over the philosophers who put forth these ideas. What influence can be felt in the present of these ideas? Well in this paper we will find out all of these mind boggling questions.

Okay the seven points of enlightenment we will start with first what is enlightenment mean to man? Well it is a man’s inability to make use of his understanding. So to answers the first step of enlightenment basically to me means it is someone’s right to there own authority to subjects and objects. Okay the second step is rationalism and it offers a naturalistic alternative to appeals to religious accounts of human nature and conduct. Now to the enlightenment of movement which means, enlightenment, the movement outwards towards the world and separation is driven by desire, fear, and suffering, movement, which towards to reality which gets to intuition and apperception. That is what I pulled out of the chapter on that step. Okay step four cultural optimism I figured this one to mean that a culture of any would have an optimistic look on it optimistic meaning to look on something with a more favorable side or outcome.

Now to step five which is the return to nature I believe that maybe this one means that maybe when people die and the ritual of burying some one means that we are returning to nature. Next step natural rights, well everyone has there rights from the democratic point of view so this must also mean that we have our own natural rights including the right to exist and the rights to make our own choices and such. Step seven last but not least human rights I would believe to include the democratic point of view it is our human right to vote or to fallow the laws and such. These seven steps and the definitions that fallow are my own definitions to these enlightenment steps.

The philosophers who put forth these enlightenment steps are the one we have read about in our Sophie’s world book, Including Locke, Hume, Berkeley. All there ideas views and thoughts were I believe put into effect through these seven steps. What influence can be felt in the present of these ideas? Well I believe they came form the philosophers that I have listed so basically I¬†answered this question with the one before it.

This chapter was fun for me to read because I learned a lot about the enlightenment steps and where they originated from. I just thought that this section of the book was great!

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