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The end of the play Essay

Sheila starts of in the inspector calls as quite a dependent child. She needs her parents to do everything for her and refers to them as… ‘Mummy’ and ‘daddy’… when Sheila’s parents tell her to do something she does it without a second thought. When the inspector has ended speaking to Birling, Sheila comes back into the play; She is curious and inquisitive about what everyone is talking about ‘what’s this about the streets? ‘ When Sheila finds out her dad sacked Eva Smith she questions him ‘did you, dad’.

I found this very point quite a turning point in the attitude and behaviour of Sheila, as it is the first time she questions her father. Sheila gets distressed after hearing about this and really starts to feel for this girl who has just committed suicide. Sheila is starting to show feeling and consideration and is sad that this girl has just died. When the inspector starts to talk more Sheila starts to think for her ‘you talk as if we were responsible’. She has already started changing from the dependent little girl she was at the start.

When the inspector starts to tell Sheila about what she did in milwards Sheila realises that she is caught up in this inspection as well. Sheila had got the same Eva smith sacked from milwards because Sheila had been in a bad temper and had got Eva smith sacked. This would make an audience dislike Sheila for doing this, as it was an unfair and selfish thing to do. This also makes Sheila seem snobbish. Sheila then redeems herself by saying that she feels guilty for Eva’s death. ‘If I could help her now, I would’. Showing this guilt would make the audience like her as her parents refuse to admit any guilt towards the Eva at all.

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The inspector says the name Daisy Renton to Gerald, Sheila watches Gerald’s face and knew he used to know her ‘you gave yourself away as soon as he mentioned the name’. Sheila has now totally changed from how she was acting at the start of the play. She has started to question Gerald and knows he has done something. Another important thing Sheila does at this point in the play is that she notices that the inspector has information on everybody and not to build up a wall against the inspector as he will break it down ‘I hate to think how much he knows that we don’t know yet.

Sheila stays to hear everything that Eva and Gerald did together when Gerald was supposed to be with Sheila. This must have been very depressing for Sheila. When the inspector starts to question Mrs Birling, Sheila tells her mum not to build up a wall, as it will only be broken down. Sheila is really starting to make sense and has started to question her mother as well. ‘Mother I begged you and begged you to stop’. Sheila seems to be the only person who can understand what the inspector is doing. I think she is clever and wise to realise this.

Sheila tells her parents and the inspector that Eric was a bit of a drinker, although Eric did not want his parents knowing this, this can be justified though for what Eric did to Eva under the influence of alcohol. When the inspector leaves Sheila seems to be the only person who cares about Eva Smith. Even after they discover the inspector was a hoax, Sheila is the only person who understands that all of these things happened to someone, even if the consequence was not fatal. When Gerald asks Sheila if she still wants the ring, Sheila says ‘no, not yet, I must think’.

This makes you feel a bit sorry for her because the inspector has ruined her special day. Sheila could be considered as one of the most likeable characters because she shows concern and consideration for Eva while no on eels does. She all matures incredibly throughout the play and turns into a moral being which is hard to believe with parents as cold hearted as hers. I would also consider the most likeable character because the other characters cannot really be candidates because of how cold and the little if any, feelings they showed.

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