The Effects of Video Games on the Brain

Firstly, a point given about violent video games effect the brain cell as you are growing up and Evolution. Its Processing the brain which is not being used which it’s the brain prunes. The brain has their own Functionality such as attention, memory and impulse control. Frontal brain lobes are known for the executive functions such as Interest, memory, and impulse control, which might be important to academic success.

On the grounds that brains increase in tandem with stimulation in the surrounding surroundings, media content of excessive-screen consumers is essential to mind pruning.

Exposure to insightful or informative material results in productive or positive learning that preserves and enhances neuronal pathways to the frontal lobes.

While disclosure to frivolous or engaging material, such as high moving and violent video games, involves passive or disruptive learning, which seldom requires the use of frontal lobes, resulting in frontal lobe pruning. For children who play about 4-5 hours a day, multiple research studies have reported frontal lobe atrophy.

Although brain development has a degree of plasticity or capacity to repair damage, more than half of the brain is hard-wired at 12 years of age and the brain is fully hard-wired at 25 years of age.

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