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The Effects of the Industrial Revolution in the World Essay

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The Effects of the Industrial Revolution in the World

The Industrial Revolution between 18th and 19th centuries brought a fundamental change to the way goods were produced and it altered the way individuals lived forever. Occurring over hundreds of years, the industrial revolution made a dramatic impact on ever aspect of life. This revolution occurred first in Great Britain, and soon reached places like North America and Japan. The Industrial Revolution impacted Great Britain by raising the standards of civilian life, in America it resulted in the growth of trade, and in Japan it improved education.

In Great Britain, the Industrial Revolution resulted in an improvement of civilian life. At first, the IR had a very negative impact on the way of life. Living conditions in cities were unsanitary and over populated. The workplace was very dangerous, forcing men, women, and children to work with little pay. It was not until later years that the IR resulted in benefits for Britain. As the economy improved, so did society. Citizens could improve their way of living by moving up social classes. This improved the way they lived. They could afford to by more food, and live in better conditions. This not only increased their social standing, but also their education status as well.

The Industrial Revolution in America impacted the way trade and production occurred. After America went to war with Great Britain in 1812, the new independent country found itself in need of trade and goods. The drive for knew technological innovations made America a country with a strong industrialized economy. Inventions such as cotton gins, steam engines and railways improved the production and transportation of goods. The more America exported, the more they imported. This resulted in an increase of their economical standing, enabling America to be one of the most successful industrialized states.

Once the Industrial Revolution expanded to Japan in the 1880s, an improvement in education took place. Once being isolated and resistant to western influences, Japan was eventually exposed the IR that was changing the world. Inevitably, Japan adopted many Western traditions, such as the telegraph system, military system, and educational system. Their new educational system was based on German and French traditions. As time went on, Japan started to put its own culture in its education, while deriving from French and German systems. The IR allowed Japan to focus on others areas that they otherwise wouldn’t have. The exposure to westernized traditions allowed Japan to experience industrialization, eventually resulting in an improvement in their education.

The Industrial Revolution changed Great Britain by improving its living standards, it also improved the American economy, and improved Japanese education. Starting in Great Britain, the IR allowed civilians to improve their social and educational status due to an improvement in its economy. In America, the IR gave growth to production and trade, making America a distinct industrialized state. The IR improved Japanese education as Japan was exposed to western traditions. The Industrial Revolution was important in the change of human existence, enabling vast areas to improve their social, economical and political structures.

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