The Effects of No Child Left Behind Legislation Essay

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The Effects of No Child Left Behind Legislation

Education is one of the important aspects of an individual pursuit of success and happiness in life. Education is a stage wherein children are hone and develop in their various talents and potentials. It is of vital importance in order to equip an individual to face the real world and its challenges. In 2002, the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act is an attempt to reform education and to achieve educational success. The Act is composed of various provisions and innovations on the curriculum and educational tools that are used conventionally (Misco, 2008).

The NCLB legislation has negative implications on our students and it is important to address these issues to achieve their holistic development. The NCLB Act rendered both positive and negative effects in the present educational system. Some of the positive effects of NCLB are focused on the academic performance of students which is supported of an online poll pertaining on the effects of the legislation (Robelen, 2005).

Also, the Act renders positive effect on the diverse learners as it tends to focus on attention groups and there is a heightened interest on the achievement which largely benefits diverse learners (Chamberlain, 2004). On the other hand, the legislation is also rendering negative impacts on students as the Act posed potential harm on students. The eradication of recess which is one of the provisions in the Act can caused negative effects on the children’s social development. Recess is important for children as it is the time that allows the children to unwind.

Recess is also the time when children are encouraged to interact and socialize with other children and fit in with their environment (Henley et al. , 2007). Another potential harm of NCLB Act is its effect on gifted children; some of the concerns are the level of curriculum, the pace of lessons and the weight given on the needs of a gifted child (Henley et al. , 2007). There is also the effect of NCLB in the aspect of shortchanging students in learning important subjects and disregard activities enhancing creativity in teaching (“Half Full or Half Empty? Scrutinizing the Effects of NCLB”).

The No Child Left Behind legislation is an Act that has both sides of the coin rendering both positive and negative effects. Policy makers, stakeholders and concerned individuals should take into consideration the development and improvement of students in various aspects aside from academic performance. It is also inappropriate that we should only focus and give attention on their academic performance for there are other areas where a student can excel.

School is a place where children should be able to explore and hone their skills and talents as well as their potential. Rigorous legislation that expects children to really focus on academics tends to rob children of their childhood. It is important to give highlight also on other potentials and talents of students as we can expect that some students are not good in academics but excel in performing arts or other extra-curricular activities.

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