The Effects of Music on Today's Youth

Are young kids today more likely to get involved with drugs because of rap and hip hop? Yes because the artist today promote so much negative in there lyrics today about sex, drugs, money, and violence. Kids should not think that doing drugs and having unprotected sex is cool at a young age. Rap and hip hop can be brainwashing to some people especially young kids that are still growing up and trying to find who they are. Some rappers like Trinidad James they may listen to every day these rapper they become an influence on them.

In most videos all they see now is having all these nice cars, sexy woman and throwing money around. And kids watch these things and think that’s the way life supposed to be all about high rolling and fashion. “All Gold Everything” is a bad influence for children because the emphasis Trinidad James put on drugs, jewelry, and money.

This song attracts adult and kids but it targets more of our youth.

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When most rap and hip hop song like that become popular the young kids that listen to it more likely to get involved with drugs. The reason for this is because in some rap songs the rappers refer to drugs like Molly’s that the young kids have never heard of. This many spark their curiosity about what the drug is and might want to try it. In the lyrics he say ” I’m popping a Molly I’m sweating woo” some kids may think that cool to do at that point because the excitement he delivers.

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Reality kids don’t know that doing drugs or two much can kill you. They just see it as this will make them feel good and be cool or popular. Some may think it’s cool to take drugs all day in not go to school and hang out in the streets. But this is what the rapper the people they look up to shown them through the music and videos.

Rap and hip hop sell dreams to the young kids today “Gold all in my chain, gold all in my ring, and gold all in my watch”. Kids listen to this catchy phrase and think that it’s cool to have gold everything where these things are material things. Rap music also gave kids the sense of belonging. For example young kids see the money, jewelry and clothes in the videos. And they feel that if they spend their money to try and buy these things they can appear to be famous and get all the girls, and nice things just like the videos.

Rap and hip hop make real life seem like having lots of money is everything. Kids are being pressured by music because what’s in the lyrics and having them feel that’s what more important, or what’s new and hot and they need to be that why to be popular to fit in a crowed. And if you don’t have big money or living large you mean nothing.” Big bank, all I do is get bank boys hating on me but they girl ain’t”. They really don’t know the value of a dollar in this generation all they see is trying to live large. It’s nothing wrong with that it’s just you have to work hard to play hard. And that mean going to school, getting good grads so they can get a nice job to buy the nice thing they want. Rapper should send more messages about how to handle your money. And start saving it than spending it on the wrong things like rollers and gold chains. If the kids today had a clue what the real value of money is and thinks about investing it rather than popping bottles in the club like 2chains and Trinidad they can enjoy them nice thing even more.

As a young listener ‘ALL Gold Everything” is an ok song with a good beat but is bad for the kids to listen to. The message in this song is basically to rock gold jewelry, have lots of money, and take drugs like molly’s because they have you sweating and feeling good. It is clear that rap and hip-hop music can tremendously influence American youth in positive and negative ways. But self and others, dress, and live. These effects are destroying them very quickly. Will rap and hop hop’s impact on American youth eventually die out? If not, what does this mean for our future?

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