The Effects of Mas Media Essay

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The Effects of Mas Media

Can you honestly and ashamingly admit to checking email, social sites, and other mass media technologies first thing in the morning as I wake up. Actually probably, the alarm clock wakes us up from the night before of being up late answering emails and perusing the Facebook and or twitter sites.

Sad to say, that you may know tons and tons of people whom are in the same techno-crazed boat as you are! However, in our century today, not to surf the web, have a cellphone, have an email address, or even not have a Facebook page is far and few. Just ask your mom, aunts, uncles and seven-year-old nephew whom all have a Facebook profiles! It has merged the older culture and the new generation, forcing all age demographic to “Get with the program!”

What Were the Major Developments in the Evolution of Mass Media During the Last Century?
The major developments in the evolution of mass media during the last century are print, electronic, and digital era. Mass media has developed immensely during the last century and continues to develop today. The development of mass media has influenced American culture in many ways. It is media intended for a large mass of people.

The possibilities in which this media can reach people appear to be endless and insistent. (Doctordialogue, 2012). Print was the first media of communication, writing which led to other print work such as typing, fax and emails… Other forms of mass media could also include radio and television, which all fall into the categories of electronic and digital mass media, in which we will discuss in further details.


This development influenced American culture because it fed the idea of individualism. People became likely to rely less on their community and their commercial, religious, and political leaders for guidance in an effort to feed their new hunger of selfknowledge, freedom of expression and individuality.

Obviously as the ways of accessing media have evolved, so has the way it affects the individuals who have access to it. When radio and television news first became popular, most used that and the newspaper as their primary sources of information, and did not question where that information came from, or if it was valid or not (makaylaheisler,2013).

Digital Era
The era of digital gave Americans the right to receive information simultaneously; it led to things such as the radio, fax machine, and cell phones. Information can be accessed faster and faster, more and more information could be circulated and viewed.

What Is Meant by the Term Media Convergence?
Media convergence is best termed as a phenomenon that describes all the technology of media channels that come together to exist and operate in synergy or rather in harmony. Media convergence is the merging of content through different media types. Newspapers are now available online giving readers the option the read the newspaper online.

4 is a good example of merging two types of media. The oldest form
of media, which is books and the newest form of media, which is the internet, both merged resulting in media convergence (doctor dialogue 2012).

How Has It Affected Everyday Life?
Media convergence has affected everyday life with simple changes such as how we communicate. We started out writing letters, and then we proceeded to using typewriters, followed by the fax and email, to the point where we now send video or voicemail. It affects our everyday lives by influencing the media that influences us, pushing us to succumb to ideas that are not our own.

Mass media is a very important factor in the growth of society, and for the most part, it is good for individuals to indulge themselves in the information that is circulating. If we as individuals use caution, critical thinking, and expose, ourselves too many types of media, becoming media literate, we can use mass media as a tool to enhance our lives and culture every day (makaylaheisler, 2013).

Why Media Literacy Is Important for Responsible Media Consumption?


Media is entirely and extremely important for the responsibility of media consumption simply because of the effect that is can and has had on the people that watch, listen, and read what is being advertised, documented, and viewed. The media is very influential in the way that we see things, others, and ourselves. It is influential in how we perceive what we listen to, if it applies to what and us we should do to change or “fix” it or us! Certain commercials can make a person feel fat, not beautiful or whatever and the message that the advertisement puts out is definitely what the viewer will agree with, for the most part.

We have shows, movies, radio, and commercials that tell us it is NOT okay to be overweight and then you have some that tell you to LOVE and EMBRACE who you are! That wearing skimpy, revealing clothes swill get you the attention, desire an popularity that you seek and others that imply that you don’t have to dress a certain way to have people like you.

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