The Effects of Gang Violence on the Underpriviledged Classes of Society

Gangs exist for many reasons. Most people with a good financial status (generally white people) will say that the lower classes (generally Latinos and African-Americans) are to blame for gangs and their gang violence. One of the many reasons why this paper was written is to inform you that the people with a higher financial status know nothing about gangs. Therefore their comments on gangs are nothing but bullshit and must not be taken into consideration when speaking about gangs, The only people that know something about gangs and their “violence” are unfortunately the lower set of classes that consist of many underprivileged (underprivileged meaning poor) Latinos, many African-Americans, and few Asians that live in the environment where there are numerous gangs.

Another reason why this paper was written is to also inform you that the government is to blame for gangs not only because most of the reasons why gangs exist are the governments fault but also because the government modeled gang related behavior to underprivileged communities.

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First of all, if you are a person that is financially privileged (most likely white) I would like to advise you to stop reading or hearing now because you will probably be against most of the facts that are presented throughout this essay and l have no time to enlighten you.

Now that that has been established you will be notified that one of reasons why the government is to blame for gangs is because of the pathetic protection they provide for underprivileged communities.

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Many people do not know that underprivileged communities create gangs to defend themselves from police brutality, mental slavery, and financial abuse. Once these three reasons have been analyzed it is clear that all come from the government. Therefore the government is to blame for the existence of gangs. The government is in a way the parent of gangs and just how a parent is to be held responsible for their child‘s actions the government should be in a way held responsible for their child‘s (child being gangs) actions, Now do not misunderstand these facts, no one is saying that the government is entirely to blame for gangs just mostly. Moreover, the government is also to blame for gangs because of their involvement with flooding the streets with drugs during the Black Panther Party. Drugs such as (marijuana is not being considered a drug therefore excluded from this list of drugs) cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine where allowed to be put in underprivileged communities to make the people ignorant so they would not fight back to the oppressor (the oppressor being the government).

There is proof of these ignorant childish acts that the government did to stop the Black Panther Party, Unfonunatly the governments plan worked and there are many addicts in the United States with a high demand of drugs, The demand is fairly met with a supply that Original Gangsters provide. These “00‘s” persuade neglected mentally abused children to protect their “barrio” or “hood” leading to gangs, gang fights, and shoot cuts with police. The children do not know it but by protecting their hood they are only protecting and allowing the O.G’s to hustle drugs into underprivileged communities In other words, the government allowed drug dealers to get the power to hustle drugs in underprivileged communities and the drug dealers with their power given to them by the government created gangs. Therefore the government is once again mostly to blame for gangs. Some people with a superior economical status might say that the underprivileged communities are to blame entirely for gangs and gang violence because underprivileged communities or Latinos and African-Americans teach themselves that gangs are right because of pride and honor.

Well to those people that say this I would like to say with all due respect Fuck You. Not only because what they are saying is clearly absurd but also because they show no evidence of their opinion. Even if we where to assume that what the people with a superior economical status say is true the govemment would still be mostly to blame for allowing drug trafficking in the time of the Black Panthers and for not supplying the public with their needs of safety. So until those people with a superior economical status show logical evidence for their opinion I will once again with all due respect hold my middle finger in the air towards those people. In conclusion, the government is mostly accountable for the existence of gangs, The government also does not provide the safety need of the public and therefore is once again accountable for the existence gangs. Not only that. but the government allowed for drugs to be put in underprivileged communities which later led to gangs. The existence of gangs is not entirely the governments fault but mostly yes. I would like to finish this essay by saying that if you the reader felt in anyway insulted or offended i do not care and your feelings towards the facts presented are of no importance to me.

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