The Effects of Family Planning on Family Living Essay

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The Effects of Family Planning on Family Living

The family is a socially recognized unit of people related to each other by kinship, or by marital and legal ties. It is characterized by having a common residence, shared financial resources, cooperation among its members, and its commitment to a common goal in life. Every society has control over this unit by its institutionalization of marriage and support of its consequent reproduction. The family, in turn, can continue to exist if it is supported by the larger society. It is, therefore, a major concern to prepare a child for his or her upcoming place in the society and to maintain the integrity of the family as an institution.

The Important of Family Living Family is the foundation of the state with in this, the state can exercise his power to the people over its sovereignty where in that their great body of inhabitants render habitual obedience. The state, a civil society, is an important part of the social structure, formed for the purpose of protecting the rights of the individuals who composed it and promote their well-being. Family is the smallest unit of the government because in this unit people learned to formulate laws and implemented to each member of the family.

Every member of this family learned to follow rules and regulations especially when it comes to the constitution of a certain state promulgated and implemented directly and automatically they can abide. Family is the foundation of love that every member of the family love each other to minimize misunderstanding. If they truly love their spouse and their children they would be lay down their live so that they might live in some emergency situation. The true test, however, is if we lay down our rights and demands on others in the everyday situations of life, this, love proven that not only just by the words we say, but also by our action.

Family is the foundation of respect. Family members must show respect for each other, even when there is disagreement on a particular matter. This is where healthy communication plays an important role. If we offend in anyways, we need to quickly ask forgiveness. Family also is the foundation of commitment. No matter what happens commitment is necessary for a family to survive. There are many voices in contemporary society that tell us if the marriage is not working, just get a divorce. But divorce is not the solution, God is the solution and help can be found through prayer.

Importance of Having a Small Family The family as the basic unit of society plays an important role in the development of a community. The parents who head a family are duty-bound to bring up children who can be depended upon to make a community progressive. Parents can focus very well on their children’s development as total individuals if the family is small. It is important to have a small family for the following reasons:

1. The basic needs of children like food, clothing, and shelter as well as their education, can be met by parents if they have fewer children. 2. Each of the children can get the same amount of attention, love, and care from the parents. Therefore, neglect can be avoided. 3. Parents can have more time to spare for themselves and not be burdened from working day and night because they have fewer children to support. 4. The family can have more time for bonding activities as well as a little luxury because money can be saved if there are fewer mouths to feed. 5. Families can afford to look for a better place to live in that is conducive to rearing children and which is far from danger. Disadvantages of Having a Large Family

There are parents who adhere to the old belief that children are responsible for supporting them in their old age so they do not control the number of children they will have. They always reason out, “the more, the merrier. ” Such parents may not be aware that large family poses problems, such as the following: 1. Children in large families are generally more disadvantaged in terms of physical, mental, and social development. There are fewer opportunities for each child to be given equal care, attention, education, and guidance. Some of them might be neglected because more of the parent’s time will be given to the younger children. . The health of the children might be taken for granted in favour of the immediate needs of the family. 3. The family members have to settle for smaller portions of food and other material things. 4. Having fewer children and proper spacing between births will be good for the health of the mother and the child. Furthermore, a healthy mother can take better care of her children. 5. Mothers who get pregnant either too young (younger than 20) or too old (older than 35) are prone to complications which endanger both the mother and child. Planning the Size of the Family

Many major changes have taken place recently when it comes to the family setup. Many married couples these days are having fewer children. They feel they can be better parents by devoting more quality time to one or two children. Many people also lead busy lives. Family Roles Each family member needs to play his or her role for a better family relationship. Traditionally, the father, being the head of the family, has to work and provide for all the needs of the family. The family looks up to him for final decision in family matters. The mother, on the other hand, has the outmost esponsibility to manage, direct, and hold the family members together. It is also her duty to administer the necessary disciplinary actions when needed. However, in today’s society, this no longer holds true all the time. To cope with the fast pace and cost of living, both the father and the mother may have to play multi-roles in the family. Both of them may have to work and earn, and at the same time, maintain and manage the family. They now exercise what we call as shared-parenting in performing their responsibilities. Responsibilities of Parents to Their Children

A married couple should be aware that parenthood entails great responsibilities, especially since parents would like to rear children who would be assets not only to their family, but also to the community. Parents must do the following: 1. Provide physical care. Parents must support their children and provide them with their basic needs, care, and affection. 2. Inculcate discipline. The orderly behavior of children is the responsibility of parents. 3. Develop social competence. Good manners and proper conduct in public places and gatherings must be inculcated by parents in their children. . Encourage learning. Parents should instill in the minds of their children that learning is a continuing process and is not only provided by the school. 5. Provide opportunities for education and self-development. Education is the best gift parents can give to their children for the latter’s self-improvement and a brighter future. 6. Inculcate values. Parents are the best teachers of values. Children’s knowledge of what is right or wrong will depend upon what they see from their parent’s action. Responsibilities of Children To Their Parents

With the many responsibilities and obligations parents have for their children, the children, in turn, have responsibilities and roles to play in the family. They need to study hard, spend their allowance wisely, and help in the house as much as they can. Becoming successful and responsible adults is more than enough payment for all the sacrifices their parents are making for them. Most of all, love, respect, and honor are the best things that children can give to their parents. Family Planning Family planning does not mean either stopping the couple from having children or preventing pregnancy through illegal practices of birth control.

Rather, it is having children only when the couple wants them in order to best take of them. Parents have the freedom to choose for themselves the number of children they want and their preferred spacing of births. Family planning is also a means of enhancing their quality life through the proper spacing of the birth of every child. Couples can easily regulate pregnancy and childbirth, thus helping them build a household with secure finances. Family planning, therefore, is a personal matter. The husband and wife have to decide on the family planning method best suited to their health, religion, and resources.

Importance of Family Planning There are benefits to be derived from family planning. 1. For the children Through family planning, the children are better taken care of. The parents could meet the basic needs of the children, which are food, clothing, and shelter. In addition, children can receive the health care that they need. The parents can provide them with a good education. More importantly, children will be showered with love and will receive proper attention from their parents. 2. For married couples Family planning is a preparation for responsible parenthood. When a ouple agrees to practice this, they will only have the number of children they can afford to support. Therefore, there will be no unwanted pregnancy for the couple.

They will still have enough time to enjoy each other’s company without having too many children to attend to. Rearing children to become law-abiding citizens is an obligation and a responsibility of the parents. They are accountable for what their children are doing. Undesirable acts that would disrupt a peaceful and orderly environment could be minimized through a responsible parenthood. For couples who want to have children, family planning can help them attain pregnancy. It will enable them to know the fertile days of the woman. 3. For the father Family planning helps the father shoulder his responsibility and enables him to give his children equal attention. It also lightens his load because he will not be obliged to provide for and support too many children. As children grow, the father can set aside bonding time for the whole family. Members of the family can enjoy doing things together, tell each other what has been happening in their lives, raise any concerns that they may have, and respond to these concerns accordingly.

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