Are Humans Too Dependent on Computers

We are living in a world where our ancestors would not even dream of living in. How could they even imagine that everyone would be carrying around a mini computer in their pockets? Today, technology has become an important part of our lives and I think it’s safe to say that humans won’t be able to survive without it. From the simplest to the most complicated tasks, we humans believe that computers and machines are a necessity.

What do you think will happen, if one day, these machines are not available to us anymore? Will we still be able to do our daily tasks?

What Is Computer?

What is computer? It is a programmable machine or any device which aids the humans in performing various activities, like calculations or computations. The word “computer” does not mean only laptop and desktop computer, the smart phone that you have in your hand is a computer, the tablet on your desk is a computer.

One of the main differences between humans and computers is, it can do multi-tasking. Functions of computers are unlimited, however there are 4 basic functions, input, processing, storage and output. Let’s look at the history of computer- the first computer was invented in 1622, today’s modern machine was invented in between 1833-1871 and it was conceived and designed by British mathematician Charles Babbage.

Computers Taking Over the World

The main utilization of computers is the internet. What once was the trend for telephones and telegrams, has become internet’s.

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Literally, computers taking over the world. The development of the computer were initially on military purpose, however, the internet grew up to become commercialized. The internet made communication around the world possible. The best example of communication tools is social media. Today millions of people use computers with the internet every day.

Computers are substantial things, which are proficient for our everyday life however they create an unquestionable distraction that just overpowers our will to stay away from the computer. In our modern-day world, computers are absolutely essential and all around us, at work, at schools, even at home. It is illogical to run away from these devices and we’ve become so dependent on it that we just can’t do things on our own now. For instance, the student was doing some homework and couldn’t figure out the answer, instead of trying to understand the problem or asking a peer for help, he searches in Google and find the answer. This will lead to diminishing our independent thinking and will remain with us until we learn to become less dependent on computers.

Computers and Human Interaction

Have you ever been a room with 5 people, and yet no one is talking? Everyone is so busy with playing their smartphones even though it look depression atmosphere. This is the truth about almost in all houses. Including the time they spend with their parents. Especially in dinner table, teens does not even realize it is act of disrespect. Everyone is constantly on their phones, and do not even think about to leave it. When Its at 10% battery life , someone will shout out “OH NO WHERES MY CHARGER I GOTTA CHARGE MY PHONE ITS GOING TO DIE”. We are so obsessed with our phones. Without it, we can’t even live for single day, although you have many friends to hangout and many home works or chaos to do. Teens can’t spend more than 2 hours without checking their phone, either check social media or play some video games. This shows how much we are dependent on computers.

Computers in Students Life

According to professional essay writers at, the rate of illiteracy is increasing than it was before because students no longer write their assignments. They use computers accomplish the researches and work on their assignments instead of independent thinking. Most of the students use the content got from websites to complete their assignments without try to find a book and this discourages learning. This increases the level of illiteracy because learners are dissuade from thinking independently. This destroys the creativity of students because everything they do is duplicated.

Face to Face Conversation and Health Causes

In over modern society people are so much obsessed about computers and now people feel like they cannot do anything without computers. The famous physicist Albert Einstein said “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” We chose to chat others by using computers then face to face. This cause relationship problems too. “ in a new survey of 1001 adults, 65% said they spent more time with their computers then their spouse or significant other” (Boehi, 2007). This show how much people are addicted to computers. Furthermore, speaking about youngsters the amount of time they spend with computers is overweening, they spend almost all the free time with play computers playing games, social media or watching videos instead of being physically active. “today’s children and young people are losing ability to think creatively and make things with their hands because they spend too much time on computers.” (Baylis, 2012). As we can see children in this generation rarely go out and play outside. Baylis believed that children will learn more practical skills if they raised playing hands-on toys. The cyber-world is not a real world, it is compulsory for people to engage more with the real world than the cyber world. Apart from this, increase in use of computers causes many health diseases. For instance, obesity, neck pain, eye problems, shoulder and arm pain. People who the computer have difficulties with seeing letters and they have to strain their eyes in order to see. Children who are used to computers does not want to participate in extracurricular activities because for them it is not interesting as computer games.

Computers in Development and Security

Almost everywhere in the world people operate computers. the use of smart-cards is computerized, traffic lights are computerized, securities, bank doors, manufacturing companies have robots that are run by computers. If computers or the internet fail, it means everything will come to a standstill. Dependency on computers has led to the smallest thing that can be performed without a computer has been computerized.
The United States of America is one of the nations that have practically everything running by the help of computers, from homes to public places, from public places to the security of the country. Especially the military depends on computers to detect threats from foreign countries, and they use these computers to curb the threats. What may happen if all the computers stop functioning? It means everything in America will come to a standstill and the nation will be in jeopardy to attacks.

All the security measurements are taken by computers. Starting of outermost door to safe. For example, door opens only when the system acknowledges the person, it either may be face recognition or fingerprint. Apartments have fingerprint or code lock instead of key. Almost in all the places you can see CC cameras, schools roads, office, banks and shops. The best example of safety device is sensor, which detect environmental changes and give signal if something extraordinary is happening. Smoke sensor detects smokes, typically as indicator of fire and gives signal to main security system.

What if, by some chance, computers were taken from us? What then? Just like a bad addiction, computer dependency outside of our needs and moderation can be harmful for users. In fact, we are as qualified workers as our ancestors were without computers. Although obviously at a cost of the productivity and ease we’ve known on how we do things with computers. These are not statements about eliminating computers as we know and use them, we’re just waking up with the idea of who we are without computers and who are ancestors were without those. Remember, we are not meritless without computers.

Computers in Business

For the world, businessmen need to realize that computers have gone intractable. Once computers out of equation several businesses will have no competition in the business world. However, it may not turn old fashion. In the short run they may be able to survive but how about the long run. They will have nothing to enumerate profits. This clearly shows how much we rely on computers. If the business does not have a computer it gradually fail not because it lost its traditional way but it will no longer be competitive with other businesses which have computers. Computers play very important role in long gap in the success of businesses. This shows that we dependent on computers for our wages, which certainly means that we entirely rely on computers. This reliance is very detrimental and is expanding very rapidly. Shortly people will not know how to manage or conduct businesses with absences of computers and if computers are abolished businesses will collapse.

Role of Computers in Medical

Hospitals and clinics use computers to store patient records, all types of medical diagnosis, scheduling doctors, nurses and medicines and many other things. Applications of computer-based equipment assist doctors to diagnose diseases. It is crystal clear that, the use of computers in the medical field, allocate solutions to many complex problems. The latest computer technology provides support to those who are disabled. For example, microprocessor-based voice systems helps people with disabilities speaking with a terminal that directs the computer to achieve a verbal task. Identically, the development of computers has assisted the blind people to see, the deaf to communicate, whether with the help of a speech synthesizer or using the keyboard. Moreover with the help of applications to track patients daily activities and healthy decisions makes it easy for both doctors and patients. For instance, the current app “Fitbit” allows users to track their sleep and physical activity throughout the day with suggestions on how to upgrade themselves. In meantime, social networking is elaborated in which users can be inspired to interact with other users as encouragement. Some other apps enable consumers to count the calories intakes throughout the day. Using the benefits of these computer applications, patients are enforced to a guarded and healthier lifestyle. Absence of computer utilization for doctor and patient communication, all the interaction must take place in the office or over the telephone. Computer usage permits doctors to stay in contact with their patients more frequently and thoroughly by communicating through technology.

Furthermore, not only can doctors check up on patients, but they can also provide them with suggested material to access. This material can be used while in surgery recoveries or treatment processes. Computers provide options to patients for contacting hospitals and doctors’ offices with essential questions and doubts instead of having to go to the ER. Communication is expedited as well as enlarged upon between doctors and patients when computers come into play. when we have to visit a hospital for ups or consultations, a simple memo is issued with help of computers, this the very first thing we do.

The hospital Information System that is used can be recorded in a centralized patient database. Actually the use of information technology the computer is programmed to culture and examine bacteria, viruses, and other infections agents to automatically detect and diagnosis the disease thus enabling the hospitals and laboratories to begin treatment. For example, Computer Help Demography machine (Computer Aided Demography, CAT). Similarly, computers are used for a patient supervise psychological fluctuating such as blood pressure, body temperature, ECG (Electro-Cardiograph) and can produce signals if something unusual happens. Computers can identify different shifting and make comparison with standard values. If there is something extraordinary happens the computer will give sound warning to the attention of doctors and nurses. Clearly, it was found that the computer has a wide range of accommodation in the medical field. So here is the question. How many hospitals can work without computers even for a single day?

Role of Computers in Government

The Government quarter is one of the largest users of computers and mostly usage practices in implementing administrative matters. All the necessary data can be obtained in while, such as information about people, places, services, economic planning, and land development projects and for planning and decision making. With tie loss of life can be because of better information and faster. Service tax and income tax collection were simplified by the help of a computer. Keeping records of taxpayers who paid and the one who does not pay can be identified using specific algorithms. Additionally, lots of problems have been addressed with the use of computer and services can make the task more efficient and quick. Almost everyone in the office use computers to do their works, it does not matter which work or which department there are in. How much we depend on computers can understand when we see how workers react when their computer gets shut down or the electricity goes off in a building.

Role of Computers in Daily Life

The computer has brought a new era to the world and our life. They have brought so many changes and improvements to our life which has made our lives easier. In our daily lives, when we have to pay our bills or check our bank balance or do some shopping it can be done with just a single click with our smartphones in our pockets. Now we do not have to travel kilometers to pay our bills or to do shopping. Guess why? It’s all because of the computer. Microcomputers use also home to control the safety, air conditioning and lighting. The use of computers in the home enables housewives get access to latest information about fashion and can make orders to use supermarket with just simple video. The organization of budget and inventory at home can be done by a microcomputer that is connected to the national data bank. Children can use computers to learn school subjects, creative or educational, games. it is clear that computers have become machines of information in our society., and it reaches a point where we cannot live without it

Besides today. As a result of this, our daily life is incomplete without computers. Nowadays, if we have to contact someone, we have to make use of computers. It has become so simpler with the use of computers. Just a simple email or a text message is enough. It is the fastest way of communication Also, we use computers for entertainment. For most of us, just a simple moment of relaxing doesn’t go without the use of a computer. For adults and for children, a computer is a must. For example, if they were to play a game or watch a film, they use computers. So despite the age group or gender, the computer has become a part of us.

Computers in Constructions

For the 4 decades, construction, technologies, and practices had hardly changed. From the illustration of boards to finished product, building science stayed very conventional. According to Building Performance Construction Services, “Builders are adverse to change.” Statistically proven, over the past few years there has been a significant expand in competition and customer demand. Thus, forcing companies to apply advanced building materials, techniques, and technology and computers to keep up to date in the competitive world.

Computer programs like estimating software, Computer Aided Drafting (CAD), Excel, and Access are all designed to study, determine, and keep track of information for you. Estimating software uses pre-programmed data to come up with price figures; they are virtually error free and can be done quickly, in a small fraction of the time it would take to complete full task in longhand. Computer-Aided Drafting, or (CAD), can draw plans that are precisely to scale and viewable in 3D from every angle needed. As well as Excel and Access create spreadsheets and compute equations to organize and categorize required material. Excel can perform all the calculations, besides many other functions automatically which can then be registered to document on the computer, saving a lot of time and paperwork. It is bold that programs like these make the managerial side of construction much faster and simple.

Using cultivate equipment is additional way computers have revolutionized the building industry. As we can see electronic tools are constantly upgrading with the use of lasers, digital equipment and battery-power. Lasers for cutting or leveling purposes enable projects to be more precise and meticulous. Digital equipment can save needed data on the jobsite to a card/disk, which can then be downloaded and accessed from a computer system. This involves computers even in construction.

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