The Effects of Alcohol on Me

I dont think that alcohol has ever been associated with anything really good in anyones life. When I think of alcohol, I think of an old man dressed in a scrubby pair of slacks, ripped flannel shirt and a long overcoat full of dirt and holes. He is sitting on a discarded five-gallon pail next to an oil- drum fire deep in the heart of suburban America. In his right hand he clutches a bottle of Jack Daniels whiskey and he sings a sour tune while pouring it down his throat.

More than likely he had to nearly beg for the money to buy it. This old man has probably been an alcoholic for a long time being that he is both homeless and poor as dirt. In this sad generalized situation, I see nothing good about alcohol. It has obviously ruined this mans life and thats not the way I want to turn out.

At a long stare at my life, I dont think that continuing to use alcohol will do anything overly positive for me.

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Alcohol will do nothing for me but hinder my ability to perform properly, clog my brain, and take my money. By drinking, all of my senses are whittled down next to nothing. When that happens, I am not able to do anything, especially study and thats what I am at college for.

Another thing that alcohol will do to me is it will subject me too memory loss. I think its common sense that after a night of drinking it is very hard to remember what you did or what you didnt do.

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Alcohol also has the ability to take my money and make me poor. If I were to allow myself to be buying alcohol on a steady basis, it will become a great way for me to lose all my money as my life matures. As a college student I obviously need all the money I can get so I think a wise choice for me would be to stop drinking. There is really only one way I think that being involved with alcohol could help my life. The only way that this could take place is if I were in the business of selling alcohol, like owning a liquor store, and I dont, so staying away from it will be best.

Currently, alcohol is definitely affecting me. I am not an alcoholic or even a heavy drinker. I have drank a few times in the past but choosing to drink on that Thursday evening a couple weeks ago has definitely affected me. First of all, it has wasted my time. By drinking, I have had the pleasure of spending a total of about four to five hours of my own free time writing this essay and taking that assessment test to confirm that alcohol is not running my life. Secondly, I am now on disciplinary probation until May, which I must say doesnt excite me at all.

All of the requirements of my sanction have helped me to learn a lot about myself. One thing I have definitely learned is that alcohol is definitely not for me and that I will just have to stay away from it until I am 21. Once I am 21 I can enjoy a cold beer at the super bowl with my family. By then I will be drinking legally and I am sure that I will know when to start and stop drinking reasonably.

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