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The effectiveness of the execution of a sales promotion Essay

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Evaluate the effectiveness of the execution of a sales promotion for a selected product or service, recommending improvements.

In this task I will have to give the strengths of my sale promotion, I will say if it worked well and why it did and then I will list the weaknesses of my promotion and say why they were weak. I will describe that I worked in a team and the bad and good points of our team work. Then I will say how popular the promotion is, will it be appealing and will it be successful. Lastly I will recommend ways to improve the promotion in the future.

The strengths of my promotion are:-

* The promotional theme

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* The promotional message

* Location

* Timescale

Why these are strengths:

I think that the promotional theme is reasonable “special offers” usually people look around for special offers so if any one see this on a sale promotion hey will be automatically attracted towards it. So I think that the promotional theme has a strong affect on people to attract them and get them into the shop.

The promotional message is the main strength of this promotion because it is a very good deal and many people would prefer to go for it. In a promotion there has to be a promotional message to attract the customers as this is their main aim so the promotional should be something that becomes strength of the promotion.

The location is strength because the shops that the leaflet is going to be in are on high street and many people are on high street so it is a way of advertisement for the promotion as many people would pass by and look at the promotion while they pass.

The timescale is also a big strength in my promotion because it is for a long time. So till the promotion ends Phone 4 U will have made many customers.

The weaknesses of my promotion are:-

* Merchanding

* Style

* Legal

Why these are weaknesses:-

Merchanding is a weakness as it will be displayed in the window display where many people may not read it clearly. If the shop is closed there would be no advertisement as the promotion would not be seen. People would only look at the promotion when they are looking at Nokia phones as the promotion will be with the Nokia Phones so this is not enough. It should be displayed in other places as well such as on the till and with other Phones.

The style of the promotion is not of a high standard. It is just casual and looks normal so the promotion would not be eye catching and people would just pass by. The style should be funky and eye catching.

The legal regulation is a big weakness as the customers has to be over 18 to buy this product and has to pay by cash. The market targets 12-17 yrs as well so they should not keep this legal condition. Some people may not have cash or may not prefer to pay by cash so they should not keep such legal requirement that makes it difficult for the customers.

As mentioned in task 1 that we have worked in a team. The team included Sandeep, Naggad, and me. We worked together by dividing each task amongst ourselves. Naggad being the promotion assistant and the copywriter, Sandeep as the ideas man and me as the promotion manager and the designer. We did our team work during lesson time and used some of our private study time as well.

The good points about our team work was that when ever we planned to meet up outside lessons to complete our promotion all of us use to be there on time, we all took part in the promotion, I got better in communicational skills and gain confidence talking to others and sharing ideas. I enjoyed the amount of time I spent with them and learnt a lot about how to work with others.

The bad point about our team work was that sometimes both of my team workers was not in a mood of doing work and I would be alone trying to do my part or either pushing them to do their work. It took a lot of time agreeing on one thing like the design or the writing or the ideas as we all had to agree to what the promotion would be like. So we had to communicate a lot and make them understand that this design would be suitable.

I think that the promotion will be appealing and will be a success as the promotion does stand out. But I will recommend ways to improve the promotion in the future like I think we shall change the style of writing, the font sizes, like make the font a bit funky and eye catching. Add many bright colours into the promotion. Show the image of the Nokia N70 in many styles like side way, back, etc. list the features up instead of writing it as sentence so that it would be easy for the customers to read. I think that the promotion should be put at the front of the store, window display, on the till and near other Phones so that when customer is looking at phones they will see the promotion and may be attracted towards it.



Recommend possible improvements to key features of professional sales practice and after sales service to be expected from sales staff in a high-street FMCG retailer.

In this task I will have to describe the current situation of the 5 features I chose and I will also say how to improve those features.

The five features that I have chosen are:-

1. Meeting and greeting customers,

2. Information and advice,

3. Dealing with complaints,

4. Dealing with dissatisfied customers,

5. Handling customers with special needs.

Meeting and greeting:-

Current situation: The staff not paying attention to the customers and chatting to each other.

Improvement: the staff should be kind, always smiling, ready to help, always paying attention to their customers, greeting them with a smile and saying “Hi, how do you do?” so they should greet in a friendly way.

Information and Advice:-

Current situation: customers calling for information and Phone 4 U are not providing them with accurate information and also providing less information. Their advice are not encouraging and not to helpful.

Improvements: the staff should be trained on their products so that they are able to provide accurate information and they should always list the key features to include mentioning all necessary information. The staff should advice their customers with full honesty and let the customer think on the advice given.

Dealing with complaints:-

Current situation: Staffs are not concentrating on the complaints logged on and are not solving the complaints promptly.

Improvement: staff should always try to solve the complaints as soon as possible and if they are unable to they must report the complaint to someone that can deal with the complaint. At Phone 4 U they should make a policy for dealing with complaint so that the complaint has to be dealt with on the same time and then the complaint must be logged on to so that the services can be improved.

Every business has a process on which they follow when dealing with complaints; they have to follow this process to ensure that:

– all complaints are taken seriously so that the customers become loyal towards them,

– so that all staff knows how to solve minor and major complaints,

– all complaints made are solved as quick as possible,

– all complaints are handled fairly and in the same way,

– complaints treated confidentially,

– major complaints investigated and solve it out,

– The complaints made and the action taken must be logged so that if that complaint is repeated the staff would know what to do and can also improve the service.

Dealing with dissatisfied customers:-

Current situation: Customers’ expectations and needs are not meet in terms of quality of product or service provided.

Improvement: Phone 4 U should do market research to find out what their customer expectations are and accordingly to the research should manufacture their mobile phones.

Customers get dissatisfied because of:-

* The performance of the staff or product,

* Unrealistic expectations of the staff or product,

* Misunderstanding.

Phone 4 U should deal with customers by realizing that:-

* customers are the main key stake holder and should be kept happy,

* Phone 4 U depends on the customers and not the customer depend on them,

* Customers are the main purpose of the work,

* The employee job is to satisfy the customer,

* Customers must get the most attention, courteous and all that a business can provide.

Handling customers with special needs:-

Current situation: customers with special needs are lack of communicational skills so the staffs are not bothered to communicate back with them. The store does not have a proper accessibility.

Improvements: staff trained to communicate in different ways. Staff should understand to treat them equally. The store should design their layout so that it is easy for the customers to shop around or look around.

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