The effectiveness of communication systems Essay

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The effectiveness of communication systems

2.1 Monitor the effectiveness of communication systems and practices Communication is an important part of our care setting. Our aim is to exchange information effectively and build on relationships with individuals and their families. There are two types of oral communications, formal and informal. Formal communication is defined as communication which occurs through the official organisational channels or is undertaken by an employee to do their job. For example official meetings, letters and a manager asking an employee to carry out a particular task. Conversely informal communication is that which occurs outside the recognised communication networks such as talking in the lunchroom or hallways between employees. Informal communication can be productive or negative. It has the potential to build teams, improve working relationships and generate ideas as employees are in a relaxed environment.

In our care setting oral formal communication is more preferred since in that setting we aim to offer advice to the patients, their families. Formal communication shows respect for others. It is used when a professional, such as a health or social care worker, addresses a resident. Therefore, formal communication at all times must be clear so that misunderstandings can be avoided as much as humanly possible. Handovers must be clear and as informative as possible, so as to maintain effective communication between changes of staff shifts. Informal communication it often occurs when individuals know each other really well, for instance family or friends or even with people who work closely with each other every day.

When approaching staff informal communication is needed for better co-operation and support A suggestion box is available for residents and families use, to ensure that service users have the opportunities to express their thoughts and needs. Also quality assurance questionnaires are directed out yearly to past and present residents or families. There is a complaints procedure within our care setting. All staff receive regular feedback on performance and recognition for their efforts.

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