The effect of Twitter on college students Essay

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The effect of Twitter on college students


the currentstudy serves to extend previous research by using anexperimentaldesigntoexaminethecausallinkbetweeneducationally relevant social media use and studentengagement in a sample of American university stu-dents Methods


Seven sections of a one-credit first-year seminar coursefor pre-health professional majors (students planningto apply to dental, chiropractic, medical, physicaltherapy, etc. schools) were used for the study. Four of the sections were randomly assigned to the experimen-tal group and three to the control group. The experi-mental group used Twitter as part of the class while thecontrol group did not (complete procedures describednext). None of the students used Twitter before partici-pating in this study. Both groups used Ning (http://;a service that allows users to createtheir own social networking site) instead of a learningmanagement system as a regular part of the course.Students were asked to participate in the study bytaking a pre- and post-test (the survey containing theengagement instrument).

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