The Effect of Music as a Panacea

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Music accompanies a person throughout his life. Of course, each of us puts his own meaning in music, unwittingly taking into account one or another life situation. How does music affect to a person? and to a what extent music is able to effect as a panacea? The novel written by the Russian writer K. Paustovky made me to ponder over these questions. The position of the author of the novel ‘The old chef”’ is expressed openly; he beliefs, that music heals the soul of a person and awake feelings, emotions, and thoughts that nothing can awake.

I stand in solidarity with the position of the author. In my estimation, the effect of music cannot be overestimated. Since, music indeed effects as a panacea and heals the soul.

In the story ‘The old chef” written in 1940, Konstantin Paustovskiy raises the topic of conscience, which torments the soul of the person who committed the theft. The story reveals the theme of true love, influences and power of the music over man.

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The author conveys enormous possibilities hidden in music and the great power of music, that is capable of making miracles. Using the example of the life of the old chef, Paustovskiy shows how the music of the great musician could heal the soul and fulfill the most cherished wish. This story in itself very heartbreaking and all-consuming. Nevertheless, it is so imbued with music that makes it beautiful. I think, that in the book ‘The old chef’ music plays a major role and helps reader aware and comprehend the mysteries of being: joy, tears, death and happiness.

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The main actions of the story take place on the outskirts of Vienna in the old house in which old chef dies. The chef Johan Mayer has worked all his life on the estate of a wealthy aristocrat. Johan had a wife, he loved her more than his life.

Due to the fact, that Johan was from poor family, he could not afford to buy what his wife wants. His strong desire to make a wife happy, unwittingly led him to commit a theft. He was understanding that his death was near. Johan did not like priest very much. However, he was thinking, that he must confess, before his death. I think, that Johan wanted release and heal unbearable burden of his soul before his death. Then he asked his eighteen-year-old daughter to go out into the street, and bring from there the person who first caught her eye. By chance, such a man turned out to be a young but talented musician Mozart. The musician Mozart came to the house of the dying chef. In order to alleviate the fate and heal the soul of the old chef, Mozart decided to play the harpsichord. Konstantin Paustovsky emphasized “The harpsichord filled with its sounds not only the garden, but also the soul and heart of the chef. “(40) His music was incredibly fascinating and touching. The sounds of music touched the chef’s soul strings. The musician gave to chef a few moments of great happiness and healed his soul from burden.

It is vital to note, that music is the only thing that effected to me as a panacea. I remember first time I stepped my feet at New York. I sank into despair. I was missing my friends and my country, where I grew up spiritually. It seemed to me, that everything that was happening to me had no sense. For the first time I could not adapt to a new culture. In significant extent the mentality of my country was differs from United States. However, I found inner peace and began to adapt to New York, when I explored Italian composer and pianist Ludovico Einaudi. His music “Una Mattina’ such a panacea for my soul. When I’m listening this music, I feel like my body and soul becomes one and fills with harmony. The rhythm of his music healed my soul and took me out from psychological tension. Accordingly, I began to look at the New York from different angle. Occasionally, people keep asking me whether I’m an introvert or extrovert.

I think, I’m an introvert, since it is quite difficult for me to adapt to new person and place. Of course, I could adapt, but it takes a time and a lot of observation. Nevertheless, I feel myself more confident around strangers, when I’m beginning imagine the sounds of music. Especially, when I’m playing in the piano the composition of Ludovico Einaudi “Una Mattina”. I feel, that my soul is blooming and reviving. When I’m listening to the music of Ludovico Einaudi, I’m experiencing a storm of emotions. Due to the fact, that I live in New York for two years, I can say with certainty, that New York is full of music. Every corner of the streets conveys me the atmosphere of music. Music not only allowed me to accept my life circumstances as they really are, but also helped me to escape from negative thoughts related with United States. There is no denying, that I still missing my country. However, when music accompanies me in the streets of New York, I totally dip into the atmosphere of utopia instantly forgetting that I’m an immigrant

Lisa Ko in her all-consuming book ‘The Livers’ touches upon an issue surrounding migrants. This is a wonderful book penetrated with the music, but at the same time reveals the genuine migrant issues. It’s a heartbreaking story about Chinese girl Polly, who migrated to United States at the age of eighteen. She faced with myriad problem. In moments of sadness Polly loved to go to the street and listen to music. Her son Deming inherited from his mother the love to the music. Lisa Ko conveys Deming personality and mentioned, that “Deming liked hearing their neighbors argue in English and Spanish, liked the thuds of feet and scraping back of chairs, salsa and hip-hop.” Deming words to a fully extent reveals his personality. He was a sincere little boy with the huge ambitions. His mother Polly left him when he was twelve years old. He was hoping, that one day his mother will come back. Music gave him a hope to a better life with his mother.

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