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The Effect of Income on Happiness

Poverty affects many people in general. I believe money can be earned by anyone but not everyone can earn the same amount as others. Money plays a big role in our society and our daily lives.

We need money to buy our necessities. We need money for education purposes. Money completes everything. Wealth is power. Poverty affects many people in general. I believe money can be earned by anyone but not everyone can earn the same amount as others. Money plays a big role in our society and in our daily lives. We need money to buy the necessities we need for a living. We need money for education purposes. To sum it up, money equals power therefore it also provides a better future and living conditions.

According to the presentation from the Poverty, Wealth, and Power assignment, poverty happens when people lack to meet their basic needs. The poverty rate in Myanmar is very high. We pay taxes, which go towards the government, but we don’t see a change or a better development in Myanmar.

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Even though we have a president, the president has no control over where the money goes. Even though on the paper it says Myanmar is a democratic country, it still is under military control. Another reason why this country is not developed is that not a lot of people pay taxes. They donate significant amounts of money towards the monasteries. The military on the other hand takes all our money and uses it to buy weapons, smuggles jades and gemstones, and do drug trades.

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In Myanmar, people differentiate the rich and the poor. Wealthy people are mostly linked to the military. People who are in poverty are out in the streets begging for food or money. When the cars are stuck in traffic, the people would approach the car carrying children with one hand begging for money saying, “Please help us. We are starving. Please pity us.” The beggars on the streets are very healthy. The parents would make their children beg then the parents take the money from the child. They have the ability to work and earn money but they don’t have the access to work and earn money because the government doesn’t look after them at all. I sometimes wish the government came up with a better plan to put the beggars in the workforce so they can at least earn money without roaming around in the streets begging.

People with wealth have increased living standards and purchasing power. They have the access to electricity and water while the average Burmese people have to live through power outages, which lead to living without electricity and not having the access to use water. Back then; society here was divided in two classes, upper-class people and the lower class people. Nowadays, more middle-class people are increasing. Compared to how it was back then, I at least saw a slight change that happened in my country. A lot of foreigners have been settling in Myanmar and they try to fix the bad living conditions. Foreign countries invest in Myanmar which opens doors to more job opportunities. Thanks to the foreigners and their investments, we have more international schools that provide a better education system in order for the children in Myanmar to have a successful future.

Overall speaking, developed countries have more power than smaller countries with poor living conditions. If you’re born into wealth then you are already granted to have a bigger brighter future and the power to control people. Wealth basically equals power. With power, you have the ability to take over the poor people’s land to build or invest in a house, hotels, and malls or just to take over the land. In Myanmar, the military has the biggest power over anything. Whether people treat you with respect or not, wealth can make people listen to you and obey your commands while the people living in poverty are treated like they don’t exist. It is a very messed up environment that I live in but that’s just how the society works in this country. In the future, I hope Myanmar gets out of the military control and becomes a better nation but it’ll for sure take many years for that to happen.

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