The Effect of Illegal Immigrants in Malaysia

Unlawful immigrants are people who move across national borders without adhering to the legal requirements. Some people call those they believe of unlawful immigration as illegalimmigrants or undocumented immigrants. People who show up legally but then overstay their visas may likewise have prohibited status. The term unlawful immigrant is highly contested because someconsider it a pejorative term, since some consider breaching the law an ethical in addition to legal issue. Because of these, the illegal immigrants give serious impacts to Malaysia which makes our federal government stressed over the Malaysian community.

Migration across our national border by illegal immigrants highly impacts our socialsecurity. This is since a few of them are the most desired terrorists in their countries. Theycome to Malaysia to launch themselves from the law impeachment. By doing the own sameaction in our limits, they are related to the cases of robbery and rape. In reality, entirecitizens reside in fear and maybe scared to go outside. Those prohibited immigrants are affected bytheir culture such as fighting amongst each other and way of life to survive in their nation For surethis will bring a bad image to Malaysia.

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For example, the cases which included an Indonesianshot out and died in a police attack not a normal case more. On 10 March 2005, the RoyalMalaysian Policeman shoot four Indonesian workers when they became careful while carryingout a security patrol in Sungai Buloh area at Selangor. The 4 victims of the Indonesianworkers were Dedi, Reni, Markus and Gaspar, (High beam Research, 2005). A few of our armysends to Semporna, Sabah to combat with the terrorist that utilize high technologies weapon.

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The migrations of the illegal immigrants also bring another big problem to our country thatis dangerous diseases. As we know illegal immigrants come from rural areas and when they enter our boundaries they do not even go to the public or the private health department for a medical check-up. Diseases such as HIV, AIDS and TB are some of the disease brought by them. Thehealth problem will enlarge because this illegal immigrant brings lot of health problem from their country. For instance the HIV, it refers to the smuggling of women for the purposes of forced prostitution and this will lead to HIV virus in other hand it will increase the total of fatality. (Theeffects of illegal immigrant in Malaysia, 2008). Because of these diseases, entire citizens become afraid to be affected by those and some of them have been a victim of the diseases.

Nowadays, more and more people are suffering from these diseases and this contributes towardsthe cases of death. Civil rights are class of right and freedom that protect the individual from unwarrantedgovernment action. What this mean is that violation of civil rights is our local labor right has been taken by the illegal immigrants. Most employers in our country like to hire them rather thanour own local workers. The cost to hire foreign workers is cheaper than locals in terms of their salary.

For instance, the construction industry is dominated by Philiphino workers, maid servicesare normally related with Indonesians and the plantation sector is usually run by the Indonesiansand Philiphinos. Subsequently, our local workers are faced with the shortage of jobopportunities. In conclusion, illegal immigrants may affect our country negatively. We can see it affectour economy, social structure and health. Therefore, before this problem becomes more serious,the authorities should take corrective action to overcome this problem we can save our countryfrom all the negative effects that are brought by the illegal immigrants.

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