The Effect of Globalization Essay

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The Effect of Globalization

Nobody can deny that our 21st century world is an ever changing globalization world. It is the fact that people move around everywhere as long as their lives go on. English, a very well-known language, is used effectively all over the world. This essay will give you an understanding on how communication skill is a most important factor to be successful in any business. We are living in a more and more competitive world. To win favor of your targets, you have to idealize yourself clearly and specifically. To be number one in the international market, your products or services must be needed or wanted by the largest population in the world. For example, Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, has the most successful computer business for decades. Reliable sources such as MSN News and Yahoo News have confirmed that in every second, Bill Gates earns US $250. Bill Gates is 53 this year. If we assume that he will live for another 35 years, he has to spend US $6.78 Million per day to finish all his money before he can go to heaven.

Whether we realize it or not, we are now living in an information and communication technology world. In this digital age, computers can be seen populating everywhere. Eighty percent of computer data are processed and stored in English. Much satellite communication use English. Scientists have found out that five thousand newspapers, more than half of the newspapers published in the world, are published in English. Even in many countries where English is a minority language, there is still at least one newspaper in English.

English is also very important for doing traveling business. As you can see most information that you have received from foreign countries are in English. English is spoken in large hotels and tourist attractions, at airports, and in shops that tourists crowd at. There are newspapers printed in English, and TV news is available in English. Tours are almost always available in English. Even in countries where few people speak English on the street, people who work with tourists generally speak English. As you can see, communication skills in English connect people to the world’s understanding.

Communicating in English in our globalizing world allows us to become a successful person. It can allow you to understand people all over around the world, gain knowledge from new technologies, and connect your understandings while traveling from places to places. In my prediction, if more and more young generations learn to communicate in English, there would surely be no limitation in the globalizing world.

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